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Sunday, March 6, 2016


 This week was definitely a week of indulgences.  Monday, Taylor and I had to be up in SLC for a doctor's appointment so we stopped in a Tai-Pan to get our Easter baskets.  Felt very guilty ducking out of school for the day and loved seeing all the spring decoration ideas.  That night Jeremy and I got to go get massages thanks to two gift cards he gave me at Christmas.  After his long weekend at the Expo Jeremy was sore and stiff and I was happy to be his date!

Friday night, Jeremy was taking photos for the Vocal Point 25th year reunion concert and arranged for us to go watch while he worked.  Robyn chose to go to a birthday party instead but the rest of us loved it.  Taylor even had his head up and was listening and smiling most of the time.  Allison just beamed when she learned that wheelchair seating was the front row!

Saturday night Jeremy and I got to go out on a fancy date thanks to a generous and thoughtful brother and sister-in-law.  We got to dress up, eat baby octopuses and fancy steaks and enjoy having a grown up night out.  It was awesome.  I told Jeremy after this week we better do peanut butter sandwiches and home videos to balance out the scales for awhile!

At Taylor's doctor's appointment we learned he is now 96 pounds and 5'2".  I think he would be much taller if his spine wasn't so crooked.  Lots to follow up on from that appointment such as getting his root canal finished in the hospital and figuring out with the gastro team what to do next.  We can't really address seizures when constipation messes things up.  Pun intended.

We have had a week of sunshine and warmth.  This means kids have gotten to run around outside and play every afternoon.  For some reason its easier to wake up and be happy when the sun is shining.  I started running outside again and have realized that the treadmill really doesn't keep me in the same shape.  Robyn has loved being reunited with the pack of neighbor kids and has been making fairy houses and getting dirty and happy most days.  Last year she spent the summer struggling and crying about how to ride a ripstick.  Now she just cruises around on it.

Spencer registered for senior year this week.  Much frustration and tears were involved plus he went in really early to school to meet with his counselor.  But he has it all worked out.  Not everything he wanted or all the teachers he likes but pretty good overall.  They register for high school here like college where you get online and you register yourself for every class.  Its like a big puzzle of moving parts.  This week I got to go with the priests and laurels to learn ballroom dancing.  I think Spencer really appreciated me giving him pointers and making sure he was being gentlemenly.  I could tell by the narrowed eyes he gave me every time I pantomimed holding a girls hand nicely.  This week Spencer also had his teen police academy graduation with the city council that Jeremy was able to join him for.  And he also had another ACT test and Jeremy nicely took him out for lunch after.  Throw in some work and he has stayed busy.

I think half the reason Spencer like these nacho is the name - Macho Nacho
Allison got to go visit the elementary schools this week and answer any questions about junior high.  She has really enjoyed being in PALS this year and helping out all the new kids and doing service projects.  This week I had to make some videos for class and Allison was our film director and Robyn was the star.  Allison and her friend Kaori went to spend Saturday at UVU at a science fair but it turned out to be a bust so instead they spent the morning exploring the campus.  And then Allison spent the afternoon and evening babysitting for a neighbor and then for us.  Not a super exciting Saturday night but she likes the down time periodically and is a good sport about it.  Plus which she loves the little girl she got to play with on Saturday afternoon.

 Trivia of life moves on.  Jeremy does photo shoots as he can.  Midterms were this week and are now over for me.  Arm healed up and started shots.  And I can see little green things starting to stick up their heads from the ground and I get to go play outside with kids at recess.  How could I ask for more?  (Well maybe the beach...definitely could ask for that...)