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Sunday, March 4, 2018


February started out with an archery tournament with Robyn up in SLC.  This is a picture of just the kids in her school who made it on the team this year.  She had a great time, kept her nerves under control and came in 3rd for her school with the team as a whole coming in 4th for the state.

While Robyn and I were away, Allison was busy taking the ACT and going to the sweethearts dance.  Jeremy was busy setting up photo equipment so her friends made sure to give her date a suitably hard time.

We were able to have the Hall girl cousins over for a weekend.  We discovered our favorite ice cream Sunday place, watched too many super hero shows and went to Provo rec for some swimming and rock climbing.

The month ended with my parents arriving and Spencer coming home for Spring Break.  My dad attended roots tech and helped Jeremy build a new platform in our garage in preparation for a wheelchair lift coming this week.  My mom ran the home front and helped Robyn and her friend Karly make scones.

Rest of the month has been full of regular life that keeps everyone busy and happy.  Allison has had BB games and activities to go to.  Robyn has been touring the junior high and figuring out classes for next year.  Jeremy has been busy juggling different jobs that he is doing right now.  I have had field trips and career days and lots of meetings that go along with Special Ed.  Nothing really noteworthy just lots of good days that leave you tired out and happy and grateful at night.