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Sunday, March 13, 2016

One less hour of sleep...

This has always been my least favorite day of the year.  My body takes awhile to switch to the hour forward.  Luckily fate helped me out this year.  I got to get up early Saturday morning to meet Kelly at the temple and then Robyn and I worked on her science poster till our eyes were dead tired and we both went to sleep early without any problem.

Spencer, Allison and Jeremy were not so fortunate and were praising Sunday afternoon naps.  Spencer and Jeremy went up to watch a hockey game and support Allison whose choir sang the National Anthem.  They had a great time, especially Spencer, and got home in the wee hours of the morning.

Allison is in the front right

Monday was a day off of school.  We slept in, ate waffles and I got to run with friends outside before tackling my usual Monday chores.  No big plans but a day of enjoying sunshine outside and kids being slugs as much as possible.  It was awesome.

This week was Utah State's spring break which meant to classes and very little homework for me.  So I got to enjoy being home in the evening and catching up on some projects.  Like finishing the pillows for our bed:

and putting together Easter Baskets.  I love making these, I always feel like spring is coming.

Girls had their piano recital Friday night and then Allison did piano festival on Saturday.  They both did awesome, and walked away feeling like their hard work really paid off.

Biggest news of the week is that a friend of Jeremy's was getting rid of their tramp.  So it is now currently in our back yard and kids have been loving it.  Jeremy taught them how to do back flips.  After Allison biffed it hard one time Robyn hasn't quite got up the nerve yet to commit to doing a full back flip.

Taylor had his pine wood derby this week for special needs mutual.  I don't think he knew what was going on but he enjoyed all the cheering!  Our van has been in the shop this week, which means we have been taking Taylor everywhere in the truck and making him walk.  I have been really missing and appreciating our van as getting Taylor in and out of the truck takes some serious muscle.  For the piano recital Spencer hefted Taylor up in his arms and carried him through a parking lot, a store and down the stairs and then did it in reverse for me after.  I am really hoping our van is fixed soon.