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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring, birthdays and funerals

Spencer turned 17 this week.  Our original plan was to celebrate all day Saturday but Jeremy's uncle Duane died last weekend and the funeral was Saturday so we changed things around a bit.  Monday night Jeremy and Spencer did their annual carnivore birthday dinner at Tucanos.  (I still remember doing birthday dinners with my Dad and Jeremy has continued the tradition with our kids.).  Tuesday I thought after Spencer's late night he wouldn't appreciate being woken up at 6 with breakfast in bed.  I thought wrong as he was sad about not getting woken up till 7 with a breakfast burrito to eat on the way to school.  Learned my lesson.

Allison decorated Spencer's door for the day while Robyn made him a poster.  When I got home from work we hopped in the car to go bowling.  Then back home for cheese steaks (Spencer put my horse radish on for me and cleared out all my sinuses in the process).  Then Spencer grabbed his cake and ice cream and went to the church for YM.  Allison had a play event, I had YW, Robyn had activity days and Jeremy and Taylor had some quality time with cake, TV and a quiet house.  It was a great birthday.

Jeremy and Spencer left along with Jason and Garion early, early Saturday morning to drive up to Idaho Falls for the funeral and are on their way back this Sunday afternoon.  They spent a lot of time visiting family and also went for their first time to see BYU Idaho.  This year is the college visit year.  Jeremy said this photo is the "you will go to college" photo.

While the boys were gone the girls celebrated a first day of spring party.  Both girls invited a group of friends over to paint and plant pots, make muddy buddies, rabbits and pinwheels.  Then friends ended up just sort of hanging out for the day while I did homework and yard work.  Great way to usher in spring.

Thursday Robyn had her school's art and science fair.  Allison, Robyn and I got to go do the science experiments, listen to the recorder concert, their 5th grade live wax museum, and all the other games and activities.

Allison had her grand choir concert where all the musical groups at the junior high perform.  I was prepared for a painful hour and a half and instead it was amazing.  Especially when they had all the choirs sing along with the combined orchestras.  Robyn is now deciding between doing percussion (they have a steel drum class) or choir when she goes to junior high.

Spencer has his TSA competition on Wednesday.  He had to be at the school at 5:20 am!!  We only had two cars this week so that was a painful morning.  He competed in a technology problem contest and a technology information contest and really enjoyed doing both.  Came home at 8 tired and happy.

We keep having some warm afternoons and whenever possible I have been filling up our garbage can with leaves and weeds from the yard.  The kids have discovered that laying on a warm tramp in the spring is a great feeling.  Taylor is noticeably happier with the sun out.  School continues to plug on for us all.  There are now less than 50 school days left - not that I am counting.  Midterms are over so I am on the last month and a half of my semester.