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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Temple and school winding down

This Friday evening we went to the Payson temple open house.  Allison was gone all night to a birthday part so Robyn got to invite her new friend Gillian who lives across the street.  They were so excited to go.  The temple is truly beautiful in many ways and I loved all the symbolism they used.  We shared the evening with a few thousand people so lines were long but I got to have many interesting conversations with the people around us who also had special needs children.  It gives you an instant talking point.

This week Allison had her end of year school concert.  I loved how she hammed it up for the songs but what I was most proud of was watching her enter and leave the concert helping a special needs girl walk.

Tuesday night Jeremy and I got to play hookey and went to a play on a school night called Big Fish.  It was awesome.  I have never heard the songs before and they had great humor intermixed.  It always feels like we are cheating when we come home late on a school night and everyone is already asleep.

Taylor had his dance festival this week.  After helping our class dance in front of an audience to Everything is Awesome I got to help Taylor dance Footloose with his class.  He had a big smile on his face while I walked and shook him around.

I got to meet with my college advisor this week.  The plus side was that I got to waive two classes for the summer.  The down side is that I was a week ahead in those classes on homework!  But it feels nice to have the load lightened.  Monday I stayed home sick with a cold and spent the day doing homework.  My kids especially Allison think its funny watching me try to get my old brain to work.

Spencer has been busy this week applying for jobs everywhere.  Friday I went with him so he could drive and I was proud of him in his shirt and tie with a resume in hand.  No job yet but many applications out there.  School is basically over for him now.  Most of his classes are watching movies and he is relearning things like what the truffle shuffle is.

We didn't have any big plans this weekend as we have had lots of rain and cold weather.  We work in the yard when its sunny and we now have all our garden in.  Robyn had a swim clinic every day this week.  I know she loves swimming because she didn't mind swimming in the rain at all.  Allison and her friend Evy spent Saturday night cleaning out our playhouse.  They even ironed our curtains.  I love that they considered that fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rain rain go away

Once again we had rain for Taylor's BBQ party this weekend.  So we celebrated him turning 19 by hanging out inside with 11 other brave families and eating hot dogs, cake and having a great time visiting.  Taylor had two slices of cake for dinner and seemed quite happy about it.  Its one of my favorite traditions every year.

Despite rain and cold moving in for the weekend the rest of the week was full of sunshine.  We worked on shaping up our yard and planting pots and veggies.  A week ago we shipped off our shed that had broken apart in the windstorm and ordered a new one.  So this week that got all set up in our yard and is waiting for me to fill it with all the garden stuff and toys presently crammed into our garage.  I am quite excited at the prospect!

This week I got to go to Salem's fishing day for children with disabilities with my class that I work with.  I got to spend the day feeding them hot dogs and walking around a park and fishing.  Great way to spend the day.

Spencer had his two AP tests this week and is now done with all big assignments.  So he has been busy watching movies at school and catching up on books at home.  Friday night he drove Jeremy and me for our date down to Provo.  We owed him a hamburger at Tommy's for finishing Fahrenheit 451.   Jeremy is so much better at teaching kids driving.  "When you feel comfortable and its clear, switch lanes.  Stop!!  I thought you said it was clear.  No I said when it was clear you should switch lanes!"  Or when he calmly lets Spencer know that he can't jerk in and out of lane changes at 70 miles an hour.  I have finally gotten to the point that I don't stress too bad when Spencer drives us to and from Orem for his crossfit class.  He only needs four more hours of driving and then he can pick up his license. 

Robyn tried out for the AF swim team this week.  She finds out tomorrow what team she will be on and when she practices.  I am sure she made a team.  She was so excited to swim and can't wait for stroke clinic this week with the high school.  She has been busy learning a dance for her school's dance festival and is now on book 2 of Harry Potter.  Stories of wands and spells have been growing in popularity around here.

I started classes this week.  So I have been busy staying up most nights trying to get ahead in all my homework.  Classes actually started Monday but I didn't get registered for three of the classes till Wednesday and one on Thursday as I had to get some prerequisites waived.  It just means homework was due Thursday, Friday and Sunday and I got a late start.  I am hoping to get ahead soon.  My kids think its funny to go to bed and leave me working away.  I guess I should have shown more sympathy towards them during the school year.

Last week Macho came in late one night limping.  We were off to a wedding reception and the Avengers movie so we just gave him a cursury glance to check for blood.  The next morning we did a more thorough exam and saw something white sticking out of his leg.  Tried to pull it out with tweezers thinking it was a claw or tooth from a fight.  Turns out it was a bone.  Since we aren't willing to do surgery for a compound fracture we let nature work its magic for a little while along with some pain killers.  He has been learning to get around on three legs, still purrs, eats and terrorizes Jasper as needed so I feel like he is doing fine.

Allison spent the weekend working at a garage sale for her theater group to raise money for their Disney trip.  Jeremy spent Saturday afternoon helping her clean up from the garage sale after spending the morning taking the kids to the fireman pancake breakfast.  He is such a good dad to our kids. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Taylor

Hard to believe that Taylor turned 19 this week.  We postponed his annual BBQ till next week because of unending rain but I did decide Taylor really, really wanted some chocolate cake on his birthday!  And leftover cake for Mother's Day is always a good thing.  It seems so long ago that we were taking him to the ER on Mother's Day and watching him be rushed away with the trauma team.  That was a very long week in the ICU.  And now I have mixed feelings - look how far he has come and look how far away he is from where we thought he would be at 19.  But he had a great birthday full of chocolate milk, baths, cuddles, fires and his digestive system problems even resolved themselves.

This week I got to go with our YW to the Payson temple open house.  It has to be the most beautiful temple I have ever seen.  And Allison always impresses me with the choices she is making.  She has had to make a tough choice lately at school - whether to do what she knew she should or whether to go with her friends.  She is having courage and choosing to be kind - she has the moto from Cinderella written on her mirror.

This week I got to leave work early one day to attend Robyn's author day.  She got to show off the book she wrote and show off all her work.  Today she announced that she was off to teach her dolls bowstaff lessons:

and now they have moved onto sorcery lessons inside.  She finished reading Sisters Grimm and has started the Harry Potter series.

This week was sign up for our city swim team.  We were unable to get Robyn in due to some snaufus.  Lots of tears on her part.  She is going to try a neighboring city's swim team try outs this week and see what she thinks.

Jeremy has been continuing with his citizen police academy this week.  He had one night where he got to be tasered - he has always been curious and see the K-9 unit.  Another night he was able to do a ride along and then he got to spend Saturday morning learning about use of force.  He has been enjoying it and learning a lot.

Saturday morning my friends and I created a new Mother's Day tradition.  We ran down Provo Canyon from South Fork and ended at Kneaders with their free french toast for mother's.  It was awesome and the torrential rains waited till we finished.  Mother's day has been great.  Kids and Jeremy work me up with breakfast and presents and have done all the work today.  My mother's day flowers are sitting in the garage as it we couldn't plant anything Saturday due to rain.  So tomorrow I am planning on a marathon planting session.

This week a few new changes came up.  I finally got together with Utah State, went through their admissions and am starting their special ed severe program tomorrow.  It all happened very fast but their semester started this week.  This is the first year they are doing this program at a distance instead of just on campus.  They actually started January 1 so I get to do double classes for a semester to catch up.  If all goes well I will take 6 credits every semester, student teach in 2017 and then graduate in December 2017 with a second bachelors in severe special ed.  I am hoping that I am not too over confident but everything has fallen into place and this seems the right direction to go.  I will do classes online and then on Monday and Wednesday nights.  This semester it will only be on Wednesday nights.  Kids are excited to watch me doing homework.

We celebrated May the 4th this week with cake and Star Wars.  The benefit of not doing TV on school nights is that when we do a movie on a school night our kids are highly motivated to get their jobs and homework done so they can participate.

Spencer turned in his first job application this week to the library. He has his AP tests this week and then he is going to tackle some more.  I am so excited to have him working this summer!  A busy Spencer makes for a happy household.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Count down to end of school

For FHE this week I had a bad mom moment when I asked Jeremy to take the kids for ice cream for FHE treat while I stayed home with Taylor and eat cheesecake while sitting by myself in peaceful quiet.  Glad Jeremy understands these moments and our kids are none the wiser...I think.

This week Spencer had his last volleyball game with the end of the year tournament.  They lost in the first match with just a bunch of nerves and mistakes.  But they have come a long way in their abilities and had a great time.  Girls sat up high in the bleacher with their packed dinners and periodically looked up for a cheer.  We are working on what it means to cheer each other on.  But at the end they both came down to tell Spencer what a great job he did.  Spencer also had his end of the year guitar recital.  He was with several girls who performed tear jerky sentimental songs.  Then Spencer belted out Wonderwall.  The guy in front of us had his head nodding along.  Now Spencer just has to get through 2 AP tests and all the end of the year projects.  We are in count down mode.  Spencer started back up to cross fit on Friday.  He is driving there with me in the passenger seat trying really really hard to keep my breathing under control.  I don't think he understands at all how stressful driving with him is!

I am loving all these end of the year things as life starts to calm down as we slowly get rid of things that filled up our schedule.  This week I got to play hookey on Thursday thanks to an awesome husband who took care of everything and go to the BYU women's conference with my friends Brenda and Jenn.  I even got to spend time in between classes catching up with my college room mate Emily.  It was wonderful to be filled with ideas and inspiration on what I can do and improve on.  Plus I got a BYU brownie and came home to fed and going to sleep kids - doesn't get much better.

On Saturday we got to go my niece Bryn's baptism and afterwards our three kids stayed for Bryn's birthday party and a sleepover.  They came back tonight happy and tired out.  Our respite worker cancelled on us so I got to take Taylor to do all the shopping and errands while Jeremy did a photography job.  It reminds me how much I dislike taking Taylor in and out of stores, especially Costco.  I can do it but I prefer not to.  I usually take it for granted that Spencer or Allison can help out with Taylor so I don't have to.  It had been a long Saturday for Jeremy and me as I also had gotten to take the beehives to the temple early in the morning plus all the other usual jobs that needed to be done.  So our date was eating dinner outside and then laying on our couch with a movie.  Taylor was happy to join us.

Whenever the sun is out I have been sneaking in some yard work.  Bathrooms might be dirty but my tomatoes are planted!

Taylor has not had the best week.  Although he did plan a big blow out when I was gone Thursday and Jeremy was on diaper duty which was super thoughtful.  I think its still tied to his digestion issues.  His seizures have increased and he just hasn't been as happy as usual.

Allison and Robyn had their cast party this week.  They came home sad to say good-bye and on a sugar high.  Robyn got the award for best backstage cheerleader for cheering everyone on and Allison got the award for most improved dancer.  She has loved her dance classes and has signed up to take some during the summer.