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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Because of Him...

Because of Him, someday we get to hear this guys giggle, talk, watch him run and play and be amazed as he can see again.  Because of Him tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes on it...which every night I am very, very grateful for as I make plenty.  Happy Easter!

We had to be a little flexible with our Easter this year.  I swear that is becoming my mantra this year as nothing every is exactly as I would like it to go!  Saturday morning the girls and I dyed Easter eggs.  Saturday night Jason and Kelly's family came over for an awesome egg hunt and dinner while we watched the Women's Broadcast and then just hung out.  The girl cousins had their annual swap market for Easter candy where they negotiated and bribed each other to get their favorite candies.

Sunday kids woke up a little early to be ready for church so we could eat raspberry bread pudding, do Easter baskets and search for our decorated eggs.  We came back from church to make our egg salad sandwiches, eat some bunny chocolate and play with our new game.  Jeremy with a bad back and Taylor stayed home while the other three kids and I got to go up to Alpine on an Easter walk.  A guy decorated his farm with a few symbols of Christ.  You see a video, and then walk by some lambs, an alter, 3 crosses and then go into a tomb.  They had music playing at the different spots with scriptures posted.  It was very simple and very impactful.  They had signs asking everyone to whisper.  Spencer pointed out that all the little kids who came after us hadn't read the sign.  I reminded him of his childhood and said he can never complain of another kids' behavior, because he has done it all.

This week was our Utah Republican caucus.  I was an independent till several years ago when I realized that the Republican candidate won 90% of the time in Utah and if I didn't vote in the caucus I wouldn't have much of a voice in Utah government.  The meeting was as long as usual but at the end Jeremy got a wake up call when someone nominated him to be a County delegate.  They closed nominations and because there were only the minimum 6 delegated nominated we didn't have to vote.  I think after almost 3 hours everyone wanted to stop voting!  Jeremy hardly realized what was going on before it was official.  I think it will be a great experience for him and I am excited to learn through him about what is going on.

This week Robyn had battle of the books, that she has been reading for all week.  She won for her class time, and she was on the allstar team that competes against the teachers so she got to be in the school assembly.  Her team came in second for her grade but the allstar team beat the teachers so she was very psyched.  My favorite part is that she told me that after every round her team did a group hug.  Jeremy and I tried to be there for a few minutes of the assembly but she told us it started at 9 and it really started at 9:30.  So she got a big hug in the hallway and then was on her own.  Luckily I have a really nice neighbor who updated me with details and photos.

Robyn helped Jeremy take his computer to get fixed Saturday and Jeremy decided that deserved some JCW's.  Allison, Taylor and I meanwhile spent the afternoon painting sets for Peter Pan.  The girls are heading into their busy season of lots of practice and late nights.  They are still in the excited, not tired stage so we are mostly all smiles.  Allison got sunglasses in her Easter basket: