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Sunday, February 28, 2016


This week was Jeremy's work's big expo.  He has been spending so much time with this lately doing all the design work from maps and vendor bags, to billboards and ads.  So he was gone for the expo Thursday, Friday and Saturday, working hard and having fun.  He is tired out.

Spencer had a court of honor Sunday night where he got 3 palms.  And on Friday, Spencer had a priest overnight trip up to Park City that he loved.  Pizza, movies, arm wrestling and little sleep.  Came home and we drove down to the Expo where he worked lifting stuff and enjoying the booths till late.  He is tired out.  And he was on making dinner tonight...patience by his entire family was required and he made delicious pot stickers from scratch for us.

With Spencer and Jeremy gone for most of the weekend, Taylor got to put up with a bunch of girls.  We had girl cousins over for the weekend to play nonstop.  With sunshine outside they played in the backyard as much as they could.  Allison had several friends over for Friday night and then one friend joined us Saturday.  Taylor seemed to handle all the girlishness just fine.  Saturday we spent the afternoon playing at the expo followed by errands and cleaning the office culminating with toasted cheese sandwiches, popcorn and movies.  It was a good weekend.
Allison was proud that she beat Spencer on shooting targets again

Allison has been coming with me to a stake choir and on Saturday morning we had a Relief Society musical fireside that we sang in.  I was glad she was willing to let me beg her to come and get to sing besides her.  Those kind of opportunities are becoming few and precious it seems like. 

I had my first graded observation on my teaching this week.  It feels strange to teach knowing someone is counting how many times you praise academic versus behavior performance and how long you leave a pause between your prompt and your cues.  But I did fine, so I was glad to get that over with.  I seriously work with some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I don't think they know how to be critical!  My arm is healing pretty well.  I learned I have to start a series of shots because I wasn't producing anti-bodies for Heb B so I get to look forward to that this week.  At least I will be alone so kids won't know if I cry.  I always feel pressure when I get shots with the kids as they are in my face checking to see if I am brave or not.

Robyn's picture was in the Ensign this month which she was excited about.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A day

For Valentine's Day we gave kids cute little cards and peanut butter cups.  Robyn made us all steak and tator tots - her choice for the ultimate meal.  When I say make I mean supervised as she had a terrible cough that still won't die so she is not allowed to touch any communal food.  We opened up the see's candy from my parents and Jeremy realizing that three were missing gave everyone an glare to find the culprit.  Till I said, "Did I mention this box arrived on Thursday?".  Allison is still giving me grief on my lack of self control.

Jeremy gave me the ultimate gift for Valentine's Day.  Spencer, Allison, Robyn and I stole away for the entire day to go skiing at Sundance along with Jason's family.  Jeremy handled Taylor at home.  We had a great time.  Maybe someday we will actually get ski outfits but for now our hodgepodge works.  Robyn was a bit apprehensive as she hasn't really skied before.  But she spent the morning doing a lesson and was better than me by a long shot by the end of the day.  I think it has to do with a lack of fear.  She couldn't understand why she had to wear a helmet but agreed to keep it on after seeing a few kids being taken down by the medics on the snow mobiles.

Spencer and Garion sort of disappeared for most of the day, having a great time snow boarding.  They convinced Kelly to take them to the back mountain and thought they were so cool.  I got to spend the morning with Allison, Jason and Kelly and the afternoon with Brynn and Robyn.  Tried hard to keep up and had an amazing time.

And then we came home happy and sore, I took the quickest shower ever and then with kids taking care of Taylor, Jeremy took me out to dinner and to a play I have been wanting to see called The Pirate Queen.  It was an amazing gift of a day!

Pretty normal week of school, work and all the kid activities till we got to Friday.  I had a kid at my job decide he wasn't happy with me and that I was a human chew toy.  So my arm got pretty hammered.  Worst part was trying to get him off as he had to be pulled off as he worked his way up my arm.  .  Luckily I was wearing a sweater and a shirt!  Everyone was way too nice to me which caused me to over react with tears from all the adrenaline.  And I had to go into workmed to get checked because he broke the skin.  So I had to get my blood tested to make sure I didn't get hepatitis etc.  Luckily I was current with all my shots.  Just have to go back in a few weeks to get tested again.  I told Jeremy what had happened and I came home to a piece of Kneaders cheesecake on the counter.  So of course I instantly felt much better.

On Saturday while Jeremy drove the girls and Taylor around to play practices and to get Jeremy's stuff ready for the upcoming expo, I got to go with Spencer to his first Cross fit competition.  He went in a little over confident and walked away motivated, a little humble and feeling good about himself.  It was fun to see him compete and try to ignore his body shaking and telling him to stop.  During the competition:

And after the competition:

Then he got to come home, clean the office and go work at Chubby's.  A busy boy is a happy boy.

Jeremy has been busy working hard on work projects and side projects.  The outdoor expo is this upcoming weekend plus he has had some photo shoots.  Jasper appreciates when he takes a few moments to rest.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Colds, Valentine's and the News

For Valentine's this year Robyn made a Harry Potter box.  The two girls and I spent Superbowl Sunday making cute little valentine's for everyone.  I am glad they enjoy it as when I asked Spencer if he needed any he just scoffed, "as if".  But he is happy to help eat all the candy and cookies!

I had parent teacher conferences for Robyn.  They say she is doing great and is good about being friends to everyone.  I hope so, because the stories she brings back about the recess drama makes it sound like a soap opera every day!  I laughed when I saw her New Year's Resolutions up on the board.  Glad to hear the words we say sink in!  "Not bleating and wait for them to come to me.  Exercise more.  Don't layoff on stuff and let them pile up and do them at the last moment.  Eat less junk."

My birthday was a little full so the next Saturday the girls and I took Jasper for an afternoon of girl errands.  They helped me pick out a new quilt for our bed which I love for my birthday present from my parents.  My old quilt is gorgeous and has been well loved for 11 years.  My mom sadly informed me that the rips and tears are beyond repair.  Although once we got back, they all pointed out that it doesn't match my room at all.  So I need to work on that next!  (The girls thought it was awesome that the quilt shop asked us to bring Jasper inside so they could play with him)   Combine the day with a trip to the Humane Society for shots for Jasper and to look at all the cute animals and a stock up trip to Trader Joe's and it was a great girls day.

We had a big snowstorm last week, the day of Mom's and Muffins at Robyn's school.  When we got there at 7 the snow plows hadn't arrived yet and I slid into a ditch.  Robyn and I enjoyed our muffin and Jeremy drove over and got me out of the ditch.  He did that after shoveling out the whole driveway and taking care of kids!

Taylor's special needs mutual did a road show performance that I got to go to.  They did an amazing job.   My favorite was some of the lines delivered in dead pan voices.  "I need more romance" "girl's you don't need any of that...You don't know you're beautiful" followed by the kid singing and dancing to the song with lots of enthusiasm.

Spencer continues with his police academy for teens event.  This week he got to be interviewed on the 10p.m news about it which he thought was very cool.  KSL Video  And they did paint ball live action scenarios of take downs which he thought was very cool.

Yesterday I got to take Spencer, Robyn and Taylor to the archery range.  They had a great time shooting arrows and trying out different bows.  Robyn got a bow for her birthday and has been anxious to try it out.

Allison's life seems to be pretty busy lately but happy.  She had her "We the people" competition up in SLC with her history class this week, which she has been preparing for.  They came in second, by one point.  She was a little ticked off about it!  She got to go snow shoeing as a peer tutor for a special needs student.  And we started planning out her schedule for next year as we meet with the counselor this week...for her freshman year!  She was debating whether to take drivers ed during next school year or wait for the summer.  We are not ready for that yet!  She has been doing lots of activities with her friends and just enjoying life.

Robyn has been fighting off a tickle in her throat.  I picked her up from a birthday party Friday night and she sounded terrible.  I am sure the mom was delighted I let her come to her daughter's birthday party!  So she has been staying in bed hoping to get better quickly.

Best part of last week is that my dad came to visit for Roots Tech.  We only were able to see each other at night as we were all gone during the day but had a great time just hanging out.  And he took the kids for milk shakes at JCWs which is always a favorite.

Jeremy has been busy working on getting stuff for the upcoming expo for work.  He did teach a cool photo class with ballet dancers and long exposures which he enjoyed.  He tries to fit in as much photo stuff as he can with everything else going on.

School is going well for me and I seem to have the routine down.  The person in this area who is in the program with me dropped out this week so now my 5 1/2 hours on Wednesday night is just me alone in a room with a video screen without someone to talk to.  Feels a little lonely!  I had my first observation of me teaching in my practicum.  It went well although I have to work on doing specific and academic praise, I am too general in how I praise.  I met my observer though for the first time who ends up being a teacher of Taylor's from when he was 7!  Small world.

We haven't had any good storms for the last week and our inversion has built up to the worst I have seen it.  I am hoping it clears out soon.  Right now kids aren't allowed to go outside at recess and it looks like everything is draped in fog.  Good thing I have a book, chocolate and a fire!