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Sunday, February 28, 2016


This week was Jeremy's work's big expo.  He has been spending so much time with this lately doing all the design work from maps and vendor bags, to billboards and ads.  So he was gone for the expo Thursday, Friday and Saturday, working hard and having fun.  He is tired out.

Spencer had a court of honor Sunday night where he got 3 palms.  And on Friday, Spencer had a priest overnight trip up to Park City that he loved.  Pizza, movies, arm wrestling and little sleep.  Came home and we drove down to the Expo where he worked lifting stuff and enjoying the booths till late.  He is tired out.  And he was on making dinner tonight...patience by his entire family was required and he made delicious pot stickers from scratch for us.

With Spencer and Jeremy gone for most of the weekend, Taylor got to put up with a bunch of girls.  We had girl cousins over for the weekend to play nonstop.  With sunshine outside they played in the backyard as much as they could.  Allison had several friends over for Friday night and then one friend joined us Saturday.  Taylor seemed to handle all the girlishness just fine.  Saturday we spent the afternoon playing at the expo followed by errands and cleaning the office culminating with toasted cheese sandwiches, popcorn and movies.  It was a good weekend.
Allison was proud that she beat Spencer on shooting targets again

Allison has been coming with me to a stake choir and on Saturday morning we had a Relief Society musical fireside that we sang in.  I was glad she was willing to let me beg her to come and get to sing besides her.  Those kind of opportunities are becoming few and precious it seems like. 

I had my first graded observation on my teaching this week.  It feels strange to teach knowing someone is counting how many times you praise academic versus behavior performance and how long you leave a pause between your prompt and your cues.  But I did fine, so I was glad to get that over with.  I seriously work with some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I don't think they know how to be critical!  My arm is healing pretty well.  I learned I have to start a series of shots because I wasn't producing anti-bodies for Heb B so I get to look forward to that this week.  At least I will be alone so kids won't know if I cry.  I always feel pressure when I get shots with the kids as they are in my face checking to see if I am brave or not.

Robyn's picture was in the Ensign this month which she was excited about.