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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slow down a little bit...

Kids just seem a little too old these past few weeks.  Allison, Robyn, Taylor and I did Robyn's elementary school fun run.  I was proud of Robyn as she ran the whole way and ended up with her picture in the newsletter which she loved.  Allison walked with Taylor and me.  She couldn't understand why I had changed to workout clothes but by the end she understood as I and Robyn have mega sweat genes.  Robyn said at school when they run the mile everyone is concerned that she has gotten sunburned.  But I told her that is just what we look like when we exercise - a heart attack waiting to happen.

Food trucks at school for dinner and then we met Jeremy at home to move furniture and tear out our carpet in the family room and living room.  Allison told me it was almost as good a FHE as when we killed squash bugs together!  So the next day we had a day of carpet and cleaning and now we have super soft carpet on our main floor.  Robyn told it doesn't have crunchy spots on it at all!  So we have all been luxuriating in laying around on our floor and plotting when we can save up in a few years to do the rest of the house.

For the women's broadcast this year we were able to have Kelly and the girls over for dinner and then we all went out for dessert after.  We are so lucky that we get to be together for these kind of things.  The next Sunday we were able to get together for the last session of conference and go enjoy some time in the canyon.  Jeremy had a family photo shoot so Allison was his assistance, Taylor stayed in the van and the rest of us went hiking along a beautiful trail.

Allison turned 15!  Hard to believe.  She and her friend Madelyn went to get their learner's permits.  Jeremy took Allison to the church parking lot that night.

Allison enjoyed being surprised by Jeremy picking her up from tap for her birthday dinner out with dad.

Then she had several friends over for a birthday party of pizza, games and painting pottery.  She really does have some of the nicest friends.  They kindly ignored me sitting in the corner of the store practicing my ASL tonight.  (ASL has to be one of the hardest classes I have taken!)

Allison had a scholars thing one night where we went to the high school to learn about scholarships.  Spencer had a college day where I got to go with him to listen to college presentations.  Housing opened up for Utah State so we spent an evening researching dorms and registering for the one he wanted.  And he applied to Utah State.  Time needs to slow down just a little bit!

In an effort to slow things down a bit for our family this last weekend we put Taylor into respite for 24 hours.  Jeremy and I had a date Friday night.  Saturday we woke up early to do the ward day of service and then to do a family hike to the Spanish Fork hot pots.  It was beautiful and is one of my favorite things to do in the fall.

Jeremy has been busy with fall family shoots and still trying to bike as much as possible.  Mornings are getting really cold and dark which has made that tough.  Taylor is doing well and looking good.  We have had a few doctor things these past few weeks with Taylor getting a physical, all the kids getting flu shots and Taylor getting his dafos adjusted because he developed a pressure sore on one of the bones on his foot.  School keeps me pretty busy.  The internship is just pure fun but the classes add up to a lot of homework.  It has gotten better since I decided I just won't do anything else during the week but school!