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Sunday, September 28, 2014

We now have 3 teenagers!

Today we officially have 3 teenagers in our house!  It doesn't seem so long ago that I was just praying fervently that I would be pregnant and that it would be the sweet little girl that I just knew belonged to our family.  Wow, have the years flown by.  Friday night Allison had her birthday party with some of the nicest girls I have ever met.

They made some candle holders.

They made pizza.

They made ice cream sundaes.

And they tye-dyed shirts and played games.

On Saturday we continued the celebration with the General Women's Broadcast during torrential all day rain.  We met up with Kelly, Kayla and Brynn and went up to SLC.  Allison had a make-up lesson done at the MAC counter and looked way too cute and grown-up.

Of course the little girls had to try out some lip stick as well.

Then we went to wait inside the Tabernacle to get into the meeting in the Conference center as stand-byes.  We got a ticket to walk over just as the first speaker started.  It was an amazing experience to sit with my girls in that meeting.  Even Robyn didn't ask to color on her scrap paper once although she still got the fidgets sometimes.  Afterwards we wondered through the visitors center and the fountains and learned that if you want to get out of SLC or eat at a resturant you do not dilly dally after a meeting.  So we hung out at the food court for a bit and then headed home.  Great, wonderful evening with my girls.

Robyn got up extra early this morning to help do the traditional breakfast in bed for Allison.  She picked Kneader's french toast and hash browns - we are all about the carbs around here.

This week we finished up Allison's bedroom which was her birthday present this year.  She is loving having everything put back together.  We thought of doing it as a surprise but she didn't want to live in the basement for a month.

Saturday morning was supposed to be Spencer's eagle project but we woke up to heavy, non-stop rain.  Jeremy and Spencer had spent Friday night hiking around the canyon marking all the clematis to be killed but you can't do weed killer in the rain.  So he had to reschedule till this Thursday.  I was super grateful although Spencer was very disappointed, because Friday I came down with a cold.  I slept most of Saturday drugged up and am feeling great now.  The benefits of getting 12 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row cannot be overstated!  Last Sunday we got to do a babysitting swap with our neighbor for the temple dedication.  Spencer was thrilled to break out all his little kid toys.

This week Robyn put on a small play of a fairy tale she and her group had written and worked on for the last few weeks.

She was excited to be the wicked witch.  The entire play lasted maybe 2 minutes and there were 4 groups in her class.  I am glad I am able to run over to her school for a 15 minute production that just makes her day.  Robyn and I also got to spend a bonding morning at the dentist one day this week.  She gets to take her retainer off during the day now so her new teeth can come in.

Spencer had a volleyball game Saturday that he won.  It was a super close match and nerves were high.  Its fun to watch him play although he is so nervous I wish he would just relax and smile more.  Sometimes he seems so grown-up and other times you just want to shake some sense in there.  He keeps getting so stressed about trying to get everything done with school.  We are trying to make sure he eats and relaxes as well.

Today I was released from Primary after 2 1/2 years.  I am really going to miss being in there.  We had a luncheon this week to get together one more time and visit.  I worked with some amazing ladies.

Jeremy has had a few photography things this week.  One involved carrying heavy equipment for a very long distance that seriously tweaked his body.  Between work, side project, photography and studio plus trying to cover for a sick wife, help Spencer with his eagle project and everything else, he is swamped.

I got to meet with Taylor's school this week to help advise on their school land trust money.  I am always amazed at the politics and paperwork that goes on in education.  And I am amazed at what these educators are willing to do because they love these kids, because it isn't for the money!