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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paint and a dead bird

This week's big project was Allison's room.  It is all painted now and partly put back together.  Pictures to come when it is all finished.  Right now it is a teal color everywhere.  Allison was eager to help and I worry that I was squashing her confidence as I kept reminding her to paint slowly, tape carefully etc.  Eventually she handed me the paint brush and just asked me to do it on my own.  I think I am a little caught up in perfectionism when it comes to home projects.  But she is thrilled to be out of the basement and back in her own room again.

Painting and everything that goes with it took up most of our free time this week.  Allison started a theater dance class this week that she was excited about.  It goes along with her theater group and lasts for the first semester.  I challenged her a while ago to give up sugar for 6 months and I would give her a hundred dollars.  Today she decided she is only going to to do it for a month and not get any money.  I am hoping she will recognize how many treats float through her life at different classes and activities.  She gives all the treats (except vanilla ice cream, her exception to the contest) to Spencer and Robyn who think it is great.

Wednesday and sunshine meant another bike ride with my friend Brenda.  We went up to the top of South Fork in Provo Canyon.  38 miles and a bike short sun tan line.  It was awesome.

Friday night the girls and Jeremy headed out for a daddy/daughter camp-out.  They had a great time of bonfires, mayhem and running around with their dad.  Spencer, Taylor and I went out to dinner and then watched Spider Man.  Last week Spencer and Allison each finished the Book of Mormon.  When they started a year ago I told them that when they finished I would take them out for a special dinner.  With Jeremy's work struggling a bit right now they had to lower their expectations but they did so cheerfully and in Spencer's case with great gusto.  He tried to find the cheapest and most food he could all you can eat cheap pizza at Pizza Pie was it.  Not my pick at all!  But I have decided that if you want a good talk of what is going on in your son's life unlimited pizza is a great tool.  It was good to hear everything that is going on with him in high school right now.  The teenage years so far with him have not been as difficult as I imagined and yet they have been much harder than I was prepared for.  Good thing for prayer, a husband and chocolate!

Saturday Jeremy, the kids and I went to our city's celebration at the park.  Small and cheesy but I like small and cheesy.

Robyn got a branded piece of wood that came in handy today.  We came home from Stake Conference to find her parakeet Sky toes up in his cage.  So the wood became a tombstone in our pet cemetery in our back yard.  Someday my kids will realize that those pets decomposed really really fast or that their mom came in and dug them back up a few days later to dispose of the remains.  The things we do for love.

Today I took the kids over to walk around the remnants of the chalk festival and then up in the canyon to walk around.  Sometimes they just need to get away a little bit.  Taylor, the girls and I had a great time.  Spencer was just spewing forth grumpiness the whole time which made us just want to leave him.  But someday I hope he will remember that he did things with his mom and that she loved him enough to endure the bad cases of grumps that seem to pop up periodically.  They are painful to go through!