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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Allison's Room and conferences

This week we have been working on Allison's room.  Jeremy spent Saturday afternoon nailing and screwing things into place and it is almost done.  Nothing too drastic but we are a slow and steady family.  Allison is thrilled at re-doing her room and I am making her promise over and over that we are not doing this again until she leaves for college!

This week I was able to pick up Allison from school and take her to lunch as her celebration for finishing the Book of Mormon.  She had a friend who raved about Blue Lemon so we went there where her face fell when she realized everything had large portions of vegetables.  She decided it was too healthy and veggie for her.  So then we drove around to a different restaurant where she decided a cheese-steak place had too many sauces.  But third time at a pizza place was just right - especially when she realized that since it was her birthday month she could get a free berry pizza.  Hard to believe this little girl is growing up.

This was the week of parent teacher conferences for three kids.  Robyn was short and sweet as you only have to talk to one teacher.  Robyn is doing great in class and is way ahead in reading and comprehension.  Her teacher was excited to have to go hunt for books for her and get to work on reading fun books and really exploring them.  She was a bit nervous this year to be in a class with few of her friends but she is gradually forming new play-mates.  She still really misses her best friend Kelly who moved away from next door and wears her BFF necklace constantly.  She is adapting and learning to play with new friends though.  This week she hiked to Stuart Falls up Provo Canyon with her class.

Spencer's and Allison's conferences are a full afternoon affair for two days this week.  Spencer is doing great in all his classes which reassured me.  The teachers all assured me that he is working his butt off (a phrase every single teacher said to me) but that he is making it in these classes of juniors and seniors.  His history teacher asked me how I kept up with his mind, its just so sharp and always going.  Jeremy and I just laughed about that later as really that can be taken two ways!  We definitely know that most of the time his mind is going full speed.  I am proud of how hard he is working and how he is willing to take a few chances this year.  He is deciding what project he wants to work on for his tech club this year.  And this week started rec volleyball.  It is co-ed and more laid back.  My two favorite points of Saturdays game was when one hit went through the basketball net in the rafters, and then came back down and they continued playing.  Another time the ball hit someone's head and went back over to score a point.  I am trying to be better about celebrating all that Spencer is doing and able to manage rather than mourning what he is unable to handle.  This week Spencer hiked around the mountain with a city employee figuring out his Eagle Project.  This Saturday is the actual project where they hike around and clear a trail of clematis that Spencer is going to mark Friday night.  I am going to be so glad when this project is done!  I have let Spencer just do the whole thing on his own.  I haven't even met any of the city people he is working with, this is just all him.

Allison's conferences are always a joy to go to.  Every teacher just talks about how excited she is to learn and loves being there.  Math is too easy for her this year but they don't want to bump her up anymore.  So they are going to look for ways for her to help tutor and do other things there.  This week for the club she is in they went roller skating and out for pizza.  Tough school day.

This week we got a geo-mat for Taylor's bed.  Its to help prevent pressure sores and feels extremely squishy and comfy.  It looks like a giant egg carton made of memory form.  He has been bouncing around on it with a big grin on his face.

Friday night I had a few friends over to eat cupcakes and watch a movie.  I don't think we heard one line of the movie as we all just wanted to talk and visit.  I am so glad to have some amazing neighbors to be inspired by and that make me laugh.

Today all of us but Taylor got to go to the Ogden temple dedication.  It is amazing to see what it has been transformed into.  I got a little choked up watching my three kids in a row singing The Spirit of God.  Our neighbors graciously watched Taylor for us.  Robyn was in tears this morning as she realized we were walking to our church.  She thought we were going to the actual temple and that she was going inside.  She was devastated and cried the whole way there.  I obviously did not explain today's precedings as carefully as I should have.  Then I understood why she was so concerned about not wanting to wear her white dress today as she thought it gaped too much at the neck.  She makes me laugh and makes me remember what is really important.  Yesterday she spent a marathon day playing with friends and didn't come home till bedtime.  She told me that when a boy was trying to tug a sword away from her and couldn't he told her she must have some super power.  She replied, "yes, its called a 15 year old brother who likes to rough house".