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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eagle, Studio C and Piano

Monday night we bundled up our kids and Allison's friend Evelyn and went to the Studio C premier party down at BYU.  There was a huge crowd of people, tons of give aways and a giant blow-up screen to watch the premier on.  They handed out nerd glasses which Robyn wore to school every single day, all week long.  Too bad such big, thick glasses weren't considered cool when I was wearing them.  Of course I added a purple tint to mine to make them look even better.

To celebrate the first day of Halloween, we put up Halloween decorations, bought some apple cider and pumpkin doughnuts and watched The legend of Sleepy Hollow.  It has been years since I have seen that cartoon and Robyn has never seen it.  I thought it was a great way to start of the month.  I loved it even more because I wouldn't let a kid have a doughnut until they smelled wonderful - which led to thorough showers by all kids.  Two of our kids keep putting off showers the night before until they were so tired they just crash in bed.  A wave of axe body deoderant and mango lotion wafted down our hallways but it was much better that what was there before!

Thursday was Spencer's eagle project.  I am so glad that he got this done.  Now for the paperwork!  We all met at the church at 4:30 and a bunch of boys and men from our ward came.  We drove up the road and Jeremy shuttled people into the trail with his truck.  They pruned and sprayed and hiked this whole section for two hours.  We had drinks and pizza and everyone went home.  I was proud of Spencer putting it all together.  Then Spencer and Jeremy ran home, changed and were off to volleyball practice with Spencer doing homework by flashlight along the way.  What men these guys are!  It truly was a family project that day as Allison kept track of paperwork and Robyn ran rampant handing out jolley ranchers and falling into rivers.

This week I went to Robyn's class to teach art and found this paper of hers up on the wall.  It made me laugh.  She considers nachos to be the best meal ever - must be in the DNA.

Friday evening our girls had piano recitals where they played duets they have been working on for the last few months.  They both were able to play with a friend on our street and did awesome.  Jeremy and Spencer couldn't be there as it was pretty early so Taylor and I clapped loudly and took lots of videos.

Later that night after getting everyone fed and settled (our respite worker ended up cancelling on us at the last moment) I went down to Provo center street to meet Jeremy.  He had two camp chairs set up for us for the free Friday concert.  Neon Trees who we really liked played along with two other bands we aren't as fond of.  Waiting for Neon Trees, eating our packed Pb&J sandwiches and apples, surrounded by BYU students, I felt just a little bit old.  But then I realized everyone who was sitting by us were in the same boat.  I guess we naturally gravitated to the old fogey section.  The concert was really good and a lot of fun.  Jeremy is selling his copter and got permission for one last hurrah to take photos of the concert.

Saturday and Sunday we have baked yummy breakfasts and enjoyed General Conference.  Kids have been working on drawing and craft projects and Spencer has been doing contortions on the couch.  Spencer and Jeremy crammed in two photo shoots and a volleyball game (where Jeremy coached) in between.  Saturday night the girls and Taylor and I hung out with our neighbor Brenda and her family to play games and eat treats.  There is something about this weekend that makes everyone want to make something yummy.  Today Allison and Robyn broke out the easy bake so they could join in the fun. 

I can't decide if I have a cold or just allergies that keep flaring up.  Either way I have taken it as an excuse to eat treats and watch a new tv show most nights before going to bed early.  Its been awesome.  Although going to sleep while still hearing my older kids moving around is a strange feeling.