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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sick day

I love this picture of Allison!
 Yesterday was my sick day.  Wind storm outside, general conference, family, naps and 8 pm bedtime inside.  Perfect timing.  After 11 hours of sleep I feel tons better, although I am still feeling pretty lazy today.  I keep saying "I'll get to that tomorrow".
Spencer & Garion, electronics in hand, between sessions
The lovely Kelly and the smoked meat bearing Jason
 Last week I felt like I lived at the school a little bit.  Tuesday I check Robyn out a littler early from kindergarten and we were able to chaperone the 7th grade field trip to the dinosaur museum.  Robyn loved all the attention and I learned that there is a big difference with a junior high field trip versus a kindergarten field trip - night and day difference. 
Then Spencer got to be honored in the school assembly for being on the honor roll so with kindergarten carpool in tow we went to cheer him on.  He is starting to connect the idea of good grades and fun awards together in his mind.  Its been a good thing to see him start to get his act together.  On Friday he got to go play laser tag all afternoon as a school award for good grades.  Such a tough life.
Allison had her end of the year choir concert this week.  So an extra practice, an ice cream party, a school assembly and a concert.  I went to the assembly and then Jeremy went to the concert.

She was quite nervous about her solo but rocked it like she does most things. I swear that sometimes that girl is just a little too good to true but then that little mischievous side comes out and I am reassured. Sunday she got up early and made everyone pancakes, eggs and bacon - by HERSELF. Saturday I came home from an early bike ride to find her doing Robyn's hair after getting Robyn all ready for her soccer game.  With her choir concert she had a birthday party right before and had to make the tough choice with her friend to leave the party before they went ice skating so she wouldn't miss her concert.  She is on a roll.  But since her room is currently full of stashed trash and half eaten treats I am reassured that she won't be translated anytime soon.
Jeremy had two fun photo shoot events this week.  One night was a food lighting night.  Then he went on a 24 hour cleanse after selling his old camera without any photo devices.  Then his new camera arrived - hence lots of pictures this week.  And he had a before opening hours photo shoot at the aquarium.  Because he was one of the four lucky ticket holders he got to go into the tanks and exhibits and just had a great time doing it.
I finished up painting the living room and putting furniture back.  I am still working on touch ups but am getting to the point that I just need to walk away and say it is good enough.
We had a week of summer temperatures, getting up into the 70s as the warm air got pushed ahead of a cold front.  This means kids running, around outside, me pulling weeds and that soccer started once again.
Taylor has had a good week of chirping and being back to normal.  Seizures have normalized.  I went to a training night at his school and learned about guardianship for when he turns 18 and everything that is involved.  Made me feel a lot better now that I know what needs to be done and when.  I had one of those whoa moments when I realized that in two years:
1. I will turn 40
2. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary
3. Taylor will turn 18 and officially have to be declared our ward
4. Spencer will get a drivers permit
5. Allison will start junior high and young women's and go to girl's camp
6. Robyn will be baptized
We are definitely going on a trip that year.  I am brainstorming already...tropical or someplace just very cool to visit.
At that training night I also went to a class on social skills for children with autism/aspberger's.  There are a LOT of similarities with Spencer and his bi-polar.  I am almost beyond the point of worrying about there being anything else going on with him and just glad for ideas on how to teach him to learn and function better.  He is doing good but there is so much to work on that sometimes it just makes your pull your hair out.
Saturday night Spencer and Jeremy went off for priesthood and a night of grease and meat at a local hamburger join.  The girls, with a reluctant Taylor in tow went shopping and then out for frozen yogurt.  Every six months I make a list of what clothes our kids need, we go through closets and sort, pass down, D.I. and then go shopping.  I sometimes think I am too militaristic with my kids but when we head out with their list in hand, it makes shopping much easier.

We also found a new addition to our garden.  Since we finished up the first Anne of Green Gables PBS movie last week, he was formally named "Gilbert", although Robyn was pulling for Gnomeo for awhile.
Now I need to gear up for back to reality.  love, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

most important - YOU HAVE A GARDEN GNOME?! I may have to make fun of you a bit... just kidding :) Makes me smile. Big time.

Okay, tell Jeremy he is no longer my friend. Not to say I could have afforded to buy his old camera, but he could have at least asked! I could have sold a kidney or something maybe :) And then to add insult to injury, he gets THAT ONE?! Geeze, he really is like 10 leagues ahead of anyone I even pretend to know. How awesome :) :) Congrats Jeremy! The new camera is incredible and looks at those pictures... the detail! WOAH. Yes, I'm a little envious, can you tell?

Ok, I'm done.

Now truly, the most important - tell Allison congratulations on her solo! That is awesome! And congrats to Spencer for his honor roll! WOOHOO! Your living room looks incredible, and you can come to us in two years!!! :) We'll make it like the end all be all vacays. Not sure how, but I'll start working on it now :)

LOVE YOU! And I will call you back, I promise.