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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chaz Joins the Family

Yesterday we welcomed a new member of the pet side of the family to our home. Spencer has been saving his earnings from our family job toward getting his own reptilian friend. We've known for some time this was a goal of his, and for Christmas he received the cage and many of the trimmings he needed to house a pet, but it was his responsibility to earn and pay for a pet and the necessary food.

After confirming the pet store had a juvenile in the species and price range he was hoping for, our Family Home Evening activity became a trip to the pet store. Everyone was excited for Spencer, especially Spencer!

After much deliberation and an eventual "car vote" the final name for him was dubbed Chaz. Ringo was a close second. Of course Dad had to break out his camera and get several portraits of our new friend.

Mom is not all that excited about the tiny crickets this guy eats, but hopefully with some careful practice we can avoid letting them loose in the house. Kids thought it was especially cool to see him eat his breakfast for the first time. Hopefully Chaz settles in and we avoid any mishaps so he can stay with us for years to come.


The Skeehan Family said...

Okay, my long comment is below, but I forgot to comment on Chaz, HOW COOL IS THAT?! And to think he is going to get so huge and he has started out so very small. Way to go Spencer for saving up!

And you are a realllllly good mom, by the way. Guinea pigs and reptiles. The girls and I were at Petsmart today and Claire asked why she couldn't have a guinea pig like Midnight. I told her it was because it would make so less cool when we get to see Midnight at your house. All the excitement would be gone... and that we are just a dog family.

Told you. You are a good. good. good. mom.

Me.... not so much. I'm mean, or so I've been told.