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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mental Health Weekend

This weekend we took off.  Jeremy spent Friday from before the sun rose to dinner time roaming the canyons and Salt Lake with a group of photographers brushing up on his skills.  Then we sent Spencer off on a scout camping trip to the sand dunes, drove the girls and Taylor out to Jason and Kelly's and headed up to Midway for the weekend.  We stayed at the Zermatt, a hotel that looks like it belongs in Switzerland.  Jeremy loved the steam rooms and I just loved doing nothing at all.

Saturday afternoon we picked up Spencer to surprise him and to go see Hunger Games.  We all loved it and later went to lunner to discuss how the book and movie were different and what we liked while devouring cheese-steak sandwiches.  After picking up the rest of the kids we left them home with Melissa for the evening.  Jeremy had some work to catch up on and a beehive/deacon lesson to prepare while I spent the evening running errands.  I know that does not sound super fun but trust me looking for new church shoes without a kid helping was wonderful!  And as a side note I want to meet those women out there who can walk in the 6 inch high wedges that are out there.  They have my sincere admiration as I very painfully was unable to walk in any of them.  Then I picked up some coldstone ice cream to share with Jeremy to finish the evening off.  So it was a great mental health weekend where I realized later the only work I did was to start the dishwasher when I got home.  Everything else had to wait until Monday.

Other news this week is that my sister left after a way too short visit.  Of course she had to show off her mad hair skills with my girls first.

I plugged away at painting the living room.  I am loving how it looks although my gray is more blue than I thought.  I thought I was done after two coats but after looking at it for awhile decided I needed to do one more coat, so tomorrow I will be done.  And I can start looking at weeds and laundry once again.
Spencer and Allison had their piano recitals this week.  Due to major road construction our 20 minute drive took us 45 minutes so they arrived late.  Allison was quite flustered and stressed out about the fact but she was a trooper despite her not being her usual calm self.  We had to leave right afterwards to get her to an activity days where they were watching a school play.

Spencer did not have his original song memorized for the recital so was told that he could not play in the recital.  He thought that was a great thing.  So after some thought I told him the consequence was that he owed me 10 extra minutes of practice after dinner every night till he could play it for me.  He thought that was fair and no big deal until I added the kicker that there would also be no electronics until he could do so.  Then began the ranting and raving.  My favorite line, "Just because you had a boring childhood with no electronics doesn't mean you need to ruin mine!".  Or "you're like an executioner cutting off my head"  Needless to say he spent the evening practicing non-stop and the next afternoon so he could play in the recital.

And then not to be left out, Robyn has been practicing hard as well. If you can call 5 minutes a day really practicing. But considering the effort that 5 minutes takes, I do. 
After a bad week we decided to switch Taylor's medicine back to its original dosages.  It helped but he still had a few bad days.  But he is eating and drinking again and not having as many seizures so I think life is getting back to normal for him.

Spring came this week with a bang.  We got up to 70 degrees and opened all the windows airing out the winter funk.  Kids were riding roller blades up and down our street all afternoon.  Girls have pink noses and cheeks now.  It still would get a bit nippy at times in which case Robyn would set herself up by the fire with hot chocolate and a blanket.

 My favorite mom moment of the week is stopping at the top of the hill by the temple on the way home from school and discharging all the carpool to run pell-mell laughing down the hill and have me pick them up at the bottom.  Sheer happiness and a sign that spring fever is here.
love, Heather

notice Robyn racing around behind us