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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter minus one egg

This is one of the many reasons I married Jeremy.  I had a small inkling of what kind of dad he could be.  I messaged him Wednesday that Allison was having a tough day after a row of tough days.  She has been getting up early to get her jobs done so she could play with friends but then keeps finding her friends couldn't play.  She knew it wasn't really true but she was feeling a little left out in the cold.  So Jeremy shows up an hour later with baseball game tickets in hand to take Allison out for the night.  Allison hurried to "dress up" and was off with the biggest smile in her face.  She couldn't believe that her dad wanted to just take her and no one else.  Add onto that the fact that she got a game ball and she was floating on cloud 9.
Monday night for family night we went to the petstore.  Jeremy has shared the news about Chaz joining our family already.  It was a little comical how excited our kids were - think Christmas morning only with animals involved.  Spencer literally screamed, (in a very girlish voice that cracked us up) when we pulled up to the parking lot.  So this week Spencer has been learning and at times loosing (don't get me started on that) and inadvertently killing crickets as he learns how to feed and care for Chaz.  Throw in the learning curve and nerves as he learns how to hold him, how to take off the screen without punching a hole in it (did that once already so lesson is now learned and tears have been shed) and there has been a lot of excitement and emotion in our life.  For spring break we are bird sitting 2 parakeets plus a dog next door.  Throw in the fact that with the spring weather our dead cat's tail is now poking up out of his grave and we are feeling a little zoo like.  Thank goodness for open windows and febreeze.
Jeremy has been trying to plan time for his photography more and have a purpose behind his photo sessions.  So this week he had a photo shoot to work on some skills and then do some product shots for work as well.   Friday night Jeremy and I went to the mall and out to see the play Xanadu.  First we learned yet once again why we should never split up at stores, I never hear my phone.  The play was as corny and as sarcastically funny about the 80s as you can get.  We laughed a ton.  Saturday night Jeremy was off to take engagement pictures of my cousin Whitney so we enjoyed a kid and movie evening here.  Did I mention that this means Jeremy was not home for one evening this week where he could just sit and relax?  Having a bunny roll and watching a TV show late at night with me, doesn't really count.
I had a Relief Society luncheon this week.  When I told Robyn what we were going to, this is how she appeared a few minutes later:
She loves Relief Society and has grown up with these ladies and our events.  She used her best manners to eat lunch next to me and then to pass around the favors afterwards.  And then she got her hair cut into a cute little bob.  Her hair is so fine and delicate it just breaks constantly if we try to keep it longer.  She alternates between thinking she is so cute and looks like the American Girl Doll Kit or thinking she has a boy's haircut.  Typical Robyn - storm and sunshine.  After her soccer game this Saturday she and Allison reminded me of how lucky I am with my girls:
Friday we had a day of snow and wind and rain and coldness.  But it has magically gone with the Easter weekend and I have been spending as much time as possible outside weeding and hanging out.  Taylor has been on a blanket next to me chirping away and loving a sunshine filled life once again.  Saturday morning I went over to a nearby trail by the Jordan River to run with a group of friends.  It was fun to go someplace different and push myself to go longer than usual.
For Easter we dyed Easter eggs and hunted for them this morning after kids checked out their baskets.  We are still missing one egg.  Since I hid the eggs just 30 minutes before they came downstairs you would think that couldn't happen but it did.  I am sure we will find it sooner of later.  This year we tried dying our eggs with oil in the mixture to give them a marbleized look.  They turned out very cool.  Egg salad sandwiches for breakfast.  Taylor ate two whole ones - that is 4 pieces of heavy wheat bread, 4 eggs plus a couple glasses of juice.  He really likes Easter.  Ham is cooking in the oven and candy filled eggs are waiting downstairs to be hidden outside. 
I have always appreciated Easter and what it celebrates but it has hit me more in the past couple of years.  It is one thing to be grateful that I personally can live again and be forgiven of my sins thanks to our Savior.  But then you are married and have kids and realize you will never be parted and it means a little bit more.  And now I just think that someday I get to know and be with a perfect Taylor and Spencer.  No disabilities or bi-polarisms in the way.  Can't really even imagine it although I try but it makes me tear up every time.  Sometimes I wonder how different we will all be without our limitations in the way, whether they be self-imposed or not.  So Happy Easter everyone, I am off to score some cadbury eggs.


The Skeehan Family said...

I just texted you about the cat. HOLY MOLEY. That's c-razy. I love how you take everything in stride. I admire you for that sooooooo much, you have no idea.

Sounds like you had such a lovely Easter and way to go Jeremy for taking care of little Allison. She will remember that forever, I am sure... so much more than just playing at one of her friend's house for the ump-teenth time, you know?

Ummm... I hope you find the egg :) sooooner than later

And I have to tell you, I was out with the missionaries the other night, and we were talking about the atonement and eternity and how we will be "our most perfect selves," in Heaven and they asked me to elaborate to this family what that meant. And all I could do was talk about how we will see all our loved ones and be with our families again - and then I talked about Taylor - he really is a beautiful example of what it all means.