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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The home front

Robyn had two teeth pulled Monday afternoon and an expander put in.  She didn't realize how bulky and uncomfortable it would be.  Much tears and complaining while her family all told her about their horror experiences of having dental work done which didn't help.  What did help is that Friday she learned she made it to student council for next year over which she was very excited.  And she and her friend Gillian had their first babysitting job Friday night.  Robyn was a little upset when she learned it was going to be at our house so I was around in case of emergencies "What!?  We have to be supervised?!  Don't you trust us?".  They worked hard and were good little babysitters to three little kids.

Allison had her end of the year choir concerts this week.  She had 3 concerts so each one wasn't so crowded.  All of us but Spencer got to go Tuesday night.  (Spencer was off shooting and having a BBQ with the priests and laurels.  He thought he got the best of the bargain).  The concert though was awesome and well all really enjoyed cheering her on.  I think Robyn is rethinking her anti-choir stance.

On Wednesday I drove Jeremy up to the airport for him to fly to Barcelona to be a photographer for a week.  He spent the days leading up to it, wrapping up all his official work stuff and all his unofficial work stuff with the studio.  He is having a great time, little sleep, lots of work and lots of picture taking.

With Jeremy gone and a huge rainstorm the rest of us decided to go to the archery range Saturday morning before Spencer had to go to work. 

Taylor had his dance festival this week.  No pictures, because I got to help his class after I helped with mine.  He enjoyed being wheeled around very fast outside, the sunshine and people cheering for him and the snow cone truck that arrived for all the kids.  Taylor got his new daffos this week.  He isn't sure about them yet.  At first, he just seemed uncomfortable and then he decided he just wouldn't walk in them.  But they are loosening up and his feet are toughening up so they should work out.

This week I took my math placement test for the class I need to take to graduate.  I needed a 70 and I got a 48.  So I will be studying a lot this summer as I can retake the test two more times.  I was feeling bad about the low score but I had assumed I wouldn't pass the first time and then the coordinator pointed out that most return missionaries get a worst score the first time and it had been 20 years since I took a math class!  So hopefully it will come back because I seriously looked at some of the questions and wondered if I ever, ever learned these concepts!

We are off to a park.  Amazing how long a discussion can go to choose which park to go to!  I think we need to implement a kid of the week to make all these important decisions as getting a consensus is really a difficult process.