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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Play time

The past few weeks have been full of the girls' play.  They had dress rehearsals daily into the night and all day on Saturdays.  Then they had two performances for schools during two day then they performed 8 more times for the next week at night and one matinee.  Last performance was last night and today they are tired!  It is always an awesome experience and luckily Jeremy volunteers to go do photographs a couple of times for them.  Next post will be cast photos I am sure.

My parents have always been on a mission when my girls have been in plays over the past few years, so they decided to plan a visit around the play this year.  (My mom pointed out that she was sort of glad to be here for the first few days of performing and not at the end because crabbiness grew as the play progressed!)  It was awesome having them here as it also coincided with Women's Conference and my Mom's birthday.

I was able to join my Mom and my friend Brenda for Thursday of Women's Conference and took a "sick" day from practicum and work.  It was awesome.  I felt like every talk was just what I needed to hear and came home with a full head and heart that made sleeping hard and very tired feet.

Friday was my last day of practicum and it was bitter sweet.  I have learned a lot being at Timberline this last semester teaching reading/math.  The kids had made me cards and had me sit in their special chair while they said nice things about me.  Hard not to cry and it was totally awesome.  Plus which some amazing people work in that classroom who I have enjoyed getting to know.  So with that over plus a final earlier that week, turned in last projects and the semester was over.  This week a new semester starts.  Special Education Law class...not super excited over that one.  Plus I am wait listed for sign language so hopefully I get in tomorrow for that one.  They moved another class to the fall plus told me I needed to take a math class which will bring my credits to 15 credits.  So I debated how to make those classes work that semester but decided instead to stop working in the fall rather than in January.  Jeremy and I both thought it would just be too much.

While my parents were here they worked hard on projects around the house for me.  My dad fixed things I didn't even realize could be fixed!  He even tackled our rhubarb which turned out to have the root system of a tree and was a big project to get out.  Spencer now thinks the pick ax is his new favorite tool.  It is always wonderful to have them visit and the time flies by way too fast.   My dad took the girls to the junior high play one night when they only had a matinee during the day.

For my Mom's birthday we went and walked through the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  Then my mom spent the afternoon sewing a cover for my torn up old ottoman before we went to see the girls' play.  It is always sad to see them leave and their visit never seems long enough.  The longer they stay the more I think of things I want to do or talk about!

With no more practicum it meant I was free all day Wednesday and got to go with Robyn to a field trip for the day to Camp Floyd.  It was fun to see her with her friends.  The next day she met me after school to say that I had missed her recorder concert that morning at school and that I never came to those things that were important to her.  Yep knife right to the heart that one.

This weekend I have just dubbed Mother's Day weekend.  Saturday morning my two friend Brenda and Brooke and I did our second traditional run down Provo Canyon and Kneaders french toast at the end.  We decided last year to just make up our own race and thought it should become an annual thing.

Then Spencer, Taylor and I got to go see Civil War and clean the office while Jeremy did cast photos.  Then Taylor and I got to go see the girls' play and cheer them on.  Then we got to go out for ice cream after.  Lots of tears and emotions at the end of the play but they all loved it.  Allison and Robyn each have a close friend that decided that this was their last year in the acting company which was tough for them.

Mother's Day has had its ups and downs in our house.  20 years ago Taylor was admitted on Mother's Day to the hospital and since then it seems there is always something happening on Mother's Day.  But everyone has tried their best to overcome tiredness and crankiness and hurt backs to try to be kind and thoughtful today which I appreciate.  For some reason today it has really hit me emotionally that you try to be a certain kind of mom because that is the mom you want to be, not because of any returns you may get.  I am grateful for a great mom who has been an amazing example to me of someone who always was trying to be the best mom she could.  And I am grateful for all those who mother our children in ways I cannot.  Happy Mother's Day!