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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hard to believe that 20 years ago Taylor was born!  We were so young and had no idea what we were in for.  That first Mother's Day going back to the hospital and spending the day in the ER was tough.  Its amazing what a journey it has been.  We have spent the week planting and weeding and mowing for Taylor's annual birthday BBQ on Saturday.  Always a fun time to visit with friends and have kids run around.  And we had perfect weather - which is not usually the case.  Taylor ate his dinner of chocolate cake and whole milk with a big smile on his face.  (For the first time every, I bought a birthday cake and everyone was totally fine with it.  I am trying to be better about just letting things go.)  I am always amazed at the love and kindness that is shown towards Taylor and our family.

As part of the week we moved the chickens out to the coop.  Jasper is extremely motivated to get to them right now so we are having to be super vigilant.   When Jeremy scolds him, this is what happens:

Other odds and ends is that I finished hemming the ottoman cover my mom made me so we no longer have to see Jasper's clawed rips all over the top of it.

I met with the wheelchair guy and the physical therapist to get Taylor measured for all new wheelchair parts.  He has grown quite a bit and his wheelchair currently does not fit him at all.  So the frame will get stretched and then he is getting bigger pads, seat, back, buckles etc.   It will make him much more comfortable.  He gets new daffos tomorrow too as his legs have grown which will help as well.

The girls saw the dentist this week and Robyn had two teeth pulled.  Tomorrow she gets her retainer to hold everything in place while her teeth grow in.  She is super excited about it.  And while at the dentist they opened up swim team signups!  Luckily I had two friends notify me and one of them registered Robyn for me so she could get on the team.  I guess this week I missed another parent come to school event.  I really am stinking at making it to those this year and Robyn reminds me everytime that all the other kids had their mom there!

 Girls had their closing cast party with their theater group this week and are enjoying being at home more.  Friday night they were both living it up with friends and enjoying the summer evenings.

Spencer and Jeremy met with Spencer's school this week about doing a computer coding class for the summer.  Its a pretty heavy commitment of 8 hours a day for 9 weeks and would involve Spencer missing quite a bit of things.  Spencer is getting to practice making some hard decisions on this one as he has to decide for himself and I am trying really hard to keep my mouth shut.

Classes started for me this week.  Its a pretty light load so far as I am still only waitlisted for my second class.


Christina said...

Happy 20th birthday to Taylor!! I'm reminded that I spent part of my 20th birthday with him. :) Seems like a lifetime ago and just like yesterday at the same time. He has grown so much! I have to remind myself that he's not 3, 4, or even 14 anymore. It was so wonderful to see you all in person last summer!