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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A day

For Valentine's Day we gave kids cute little cards and peanut butter cups.  Robyn made us all steak and tator tots - her choice for the ultimate meal.  When I say make I mean supervised as she had a terrible cough that still won't die so she is not allowed to touch any communal food.  We opened up the see's candy from my parents and Jeremy realizing that three were missing gave everyone an glare to find the culprit.  Till I said, "Did I mention this box arrived on Thursday?".  Allison is still giving me grief on my lack of self control.

Jeremy gave me the ultimate gift for Valentine's Day.  Spencer, Allison, Robyn and I stole away for the entire day to go skiing at Sundance along with Jason's family.  Jeremy handled Taylor at home.  We had a great time.  Maybe someday we will actually get ski outfits but for now our hodgepodge works.  Robyn was a bit apprehensive as she hasn't really skied before.  But she spent the morning doing a lesson and was better than me by a long shot by the end of the day.  I think it has to do with a lack of fear.  She couldn't understand why she had to wear a helmet but agreed to keep it on after seeing a few kids being taken down by the medics on the snow mobiles.

Spencer and Garion sort of disappeared for most of the day, having a great time snow boarding.  They convinced Kelly to take them to the back mountain and thought they were so cool.  I got to spend the morning with Allison, Jason and Kelly and the afternoon with Brynn and Robyn.  Tried hard to keep up and had an amazing time.

And then we came home happy and sore, I took the quickest shower ever and then with kids taking care of Taylor, Jeremy took me out to dinner and to a play I have been wanting to see called The Pirate Queen.  It was an amazing gift of a day!

Pretty normal week of school, work and all the kid activities till we got to Friday.  I had a kid at my job decide he wasn't happy with me and that I was a human chew toy.  So my arm got pretty hammered.  Worst part was trying to get him off as he had to be pulled off as he worked his way up my arm.  .  Luckily I was wearing a sweater and a shirt!  Everyone was way too nice to me which caused me to over react with tears from all the adrenaline.  And I had to go into workmed to get checked because he broke the skin.  So I had to get my blood tested to make sure I didn't get hepatitis etc.  Luckily I was current with all my shots.  Just have to go back in a few weeks to get tested again.  I told Jeremy what had happened and I came home to a piece of Kneaders cheesecake on the counter.  So of course I instantly felt much better.

On Saturday while Jeremy drove the girls and Taylor around to play practices and to get Jeremy's stuff ready for the upcoming expo, I got to go with Spencer to his first Cross fit competition.  He went in a little over confident and walked away motivated, a little humble and feeling good about himself.  It was fun to see him compete and try to ignore his body shaking and telling him to stop.  During the competition:

And after the competition:

Then he got to come home, clean the office and go work at Chubby's.  A busy boy is a happy boy.

Jeremy has been busy working hard on work projects and side projects.  The outdoor expo is this upcoming weekend plus he has had some photo shoots.  Jasper appreciates when he takes a few moments to rest.