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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Normality of nothing

I am grateful for a nothing week.  No one got sick.  No one stayed home.  No one had any doctor appointments or huge drama going on.  Kids still convinced me that the oldest ones needed to stay up to watch Studio C with their Mom on Monday nights, remembering the rule that any TV on school nights requires serious cuddling with mom.

Girls each had a birthday party to go to which they loved.  Girls had their piano recital where they both did awesome and powered through both of them having a "my finger slipped" situation. Spencer decided to cut his hair short and spike it and grew a half inch.  Allison also grew half an inch which was cause for great excitement around here.

Spencer gave a talk at church.  As I listened to him give a talk that he had written by himself without any parental help it was a good reminder to me that he has grown a lot in the last few years.  My favorite part was that he started by saying, "I was asked to talk for 5 minutes about service today.  Lets take a few moments, perhaps bow our heads and close our eyes and just think about that for a few minutes".  Long pause while he looks at the clock for awhile.  Funniest part for me though was watching him try to stay awake on the stand.  He had forgotten to take his bi-polar medication the night before (yes I did remind him but apparently TV sucked out some brain cells last night).  So he had to take them this morning.  On the stand he was trying so hard to keep his eyes open.  After sacrament he headed home and took a 4 hour nap, woke up to come lay by the fire and is out again.  Poor kid. 

Taylor has been happy all week.  He has a new favorite sound - snorting.  He has been fighting off a stuffy nose.  One night kids were getting him to laugh with snorting sounds and Taylor snorted while laughing.  That set him off big time, face turning red, unable to breathe, it was awesome.

Saturday night Jeremy and I got to do some Christmas shopping and watch Catching Fire.  We were late getting our tickets for that night because I didn't want to pay the online fees.  So my cheapness caught up with me and instead of sitting next to each other we were right behind each other.  When a monkey thing jumps out during the movie and I jump and whack the lady next to me I decided that wasn't the smartest idea.

But this week it was just wonderful to enjoy normal, everyday life and be grateful for normality.


The Skeehan Family said...

first of all... LOVED catching fire. First time in a long long time Dan and I have been able to go out just the two of us. And that movie was just AWESOME. Not a fan of baboon-cracked up-spastic monkeys though.

And I love normal weeks. Missing you right now, knowing I am not seeing you in two days :(