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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Going back to reality tomorrow is going to be very, very, very tough.  We all have switched over to vacation mode and seem to be stuck there along with a lot of leftover pie.

Monday night we kicked off our festivities by going to see a kid version of the play Mulan that Spencer's friend Brenner was in.  My favorite moment of the night was when the Captain approaches the Hun to say "you killed my father" in a trying to sound serious voice.   Next to me Jeremy says "Prepare to die".  Cracks me up every time.

We spent Thanksgiving at our house this year with Jason and Kelly's family joining us.  We spent Tuesday cleaning, Wednesday cooking and Thursday playing.  I tend to get a little carried away at Thanksgiving and think that we need tons of stuffing and pies etc.  And then I stop cooking for a few days and we live off of leftovers.

We went on our 9th annual Thanksgiving Day hike to the waterfall.  This year it seemed so easy and short.  I have vivid memories of literally dragging and pushing little kids up that trail.  Now they run it.

Spencer and I had spent the previous week building a model rocket that he had gotten for last year's Christmas.  We are a little slow around here.  Thanksgiving seemed a perfect day to shoot it off.  Unfortunately it blew up a bit after the first launch so we have some repair work to do.

We had cousins sleep over Thursday night so their parents could indulge in some Black Friday shopping.  My kids were thrilled.  We spent the morning setting up Christmas decorations and Jeremy tackled some honey do's for me.  Taylor had an awesome day.  French toast for breakfast, having his "masseuse" come give him a massage, stuffing and gravy for lunch, then off to lay in the pool and hot tub at an indoor recreation center and then back home for lemon pie and sleeping by the fire.  He had a smile all day long.

Allison broke out the smashed sandwich maker my grandpa gave me years ago.

And she was not in a pool mood Friday so she found ways to entertain herself on the car ride there.

While we were playing, Jeremy headed up to Salt Lake to take photos of the lights at Temple Square for the church.  We have learned that it is much easier for him to do this solo.  So Saturday night we all went up to walk through the lights, meet Jason and Kelly and go to an amazing Christmas concert at the Tabernacle.  It was such a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit.  Allison and Robyn were thrilled that Kevin from Pentatonix was there to perform.  Allison was literally giddy.  The cool part was when he spoke for a few minutes about being faithful to God and he will be faithful to you.  For him Sabbath is Saturday and when he joined the group he told them he wouldn't perform on Friday night or Saturday and they don't.  Which I think is pretty unusual for a music group.  He attributes their success to that commitment.

The biggest plus on a late night out with kids.  We ALL got to sleep in this morning and feel like sloths before church.  Robyn especially needed some extra sleep.  She has had along with all the other excitements this week, a birthday party and a Christmas party to go to.  A day of laying around was sorely needed by her to get her sunshine back.