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Sunday, September 15, 2013

No joy

For some reason this scripture has been on my mind all week and making me laugh every single time:
2 Nephi 2:23 And they would have had no children; wherefore they would have remained in a state of innocence, having no joy, for they knew no misery.

 That just sums up having children for me for with the joy comes the misery and you can't have one without the other.  Don't worry, this week nothing big happened and no true misery occurred, other than the reminder that we all sleep better when we are not in the same room. 

On Friday we picked up kids early from school and headed to St. George for a quick get away.  We went to Tuachan to see Mary Poppins.  Amazingly good.  Even the rain during the performance (its an outdoor theater) couldn't deter us, although Taylor didn't appreciate the rain too much but they let him go under some covering at the back.  We had a great time and managed to convince Robyn that Taylor and her and Allison could all fit onto a queen bed.  Robyn's little body was just trembling with emotion as she vehemently insisted that she was being mistreated.  No bed should ever hold three people!  The next day kids had their share of carb loading at breakfast - don't ask me about Spencer's plates think 1 or 2 of everything offered - and played in the pool.  We added a new rest stop to our trip back.  The Red Barn at Santaquin that has fabulous ice cream cones and fruit.  The kids thought ice cream for a late lunch was an ok trade.

Robyn was convinced that she would be unable to see over people's heads hence the pouty face.  She has perfected talking in a whiny voice that can carry over great distances and bore holes into your ear drums.  We are working on that.

Taylor had a good time in the pool and hot tub.  He just laid back with a big smile.  And he loved kicking Robyn and Allison off of the top of the bed where all the pillows where.  He just stretched out there smiling all night long.  He still isn't eating great but he will drink a ton of whole milk and instant breakfasts.  So he has gotten really thin.  You can see every bone.  Every time I think its time to take him in for an NG tube feeding, he will perk up and eat a little.  We are still playing with the new meds so I am hoping digestion settles down and he starts to like food again.

This week Allison and Jeremy went to a daddy/daughter activity that was dinner and a dance.  Allison came home to teach Robyn the cha-cha in the front yard.  Robyn got into the spirit of it by doing it all with a rose between her teeth.

Jeremy had a few photo events this week and got a new small camera to add to his arsenal.  Hence all the nice photos this week.  Friday morning he had the opportunity to take photos up in SLC of the family history library.  It makes it a bit hard on him that so many church events and buildings are only open during work day hours.

I finished apples this week.  I have never been so excited to clean out my sink!  And to celebrate I have been eating apple crisp for breakfast all week.  I throw in some cottage cheese and pretend its healthy.  We are experiencing true Utah fall weather.  Where one hour its hot and sunny and the next hour its cold with a huge thunderstorm.  Rocky has lived beneath our feet all week scared a new storm is coming.


Kathryn & Peter said...

I was just hearing how great that Mary Poppins was! Laura Blotter's niece and nephew were Jane and Michael Banks. The Blotters drove all the way to Utah after school Thursday to make the Friday performance and then back again that same night because they had something here on Saturday night. That's some love of family and love of the theater!!