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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A 12 year old

Hard to believe that the little girl I prayed to join our family for so long has been with us for 12 whole years!  Allison had a grin all weekend long and enjoyed every moment of her celebration.  Friday she got to bring brownies to school and be spotlighted.  Then she voted to spend the evening with her dad for her annual trip to Chinese Gourmet for their all you can eat shrimp and to go see a play - just her and Jeremy.  I offered to go with them leaving Spencer in charge at home.  Allison pointed out that Spencer putting Robyn to bed is asking for disaster, Jeremy likened it to throwing a cat and dog into the same room and locking the door.  So Allison had her dream come true of spending a whole evening as daddy's girl.
Saturday Robyn got up early to have me run her to Kneaders so she could get French toast and bring Allison breakfast in bed.  Then the morning was spent doing a ward day of service with Spencer yielding a chainsaw and shovel and Allison helping Jeremy collect green waste and take loads to the dump. 

Then it was home to clean up and Allison to change into her new church outfit and then we were off to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  You know those moments where you just have to cross your arms to try to hole in all your emotions of love and pride and know that you are beaming like an idiot.  Yep that was me as I watched Jeremy baptize Allison and Spencer.  (Minus the point where I had to hold back the laughter as Spencer enthusiastically helped Jeremy dunk himself and created a literal tidal wave of water.)  Jason and Garion were able to enjoy us and Kelly graciously brought up Robyn and her girls to meet us when we came out.
Then home for cake and presents.  Allison picked out vanilla cake with peanut butter frosting, heath bar and caramel pecan ice cream.  And all the beehives and their leader stopped by to wish her a happy birthday and welcome her to young women's.
That night she had three friends come over to share her favorite dinner of stuffed shells, garlic bread and spinach salad and to watch a movie and take over the basement with silliness.  Not sure what they were doing but judging by the shrieks and giggles I assume they had a great time.  Spencer for his present went with me after the Relief Society broadcast to clean the office for Allison so she could have a day off.  It was truly a wonderful day for Allison start to finish and she was just glowing with all the love being shown her.

This morning she got to meet with her young women leaders to learn about personal progress and has been busy planning out her goals ever since.  I love seeing her so excited about this new episode of her life and am just bursting with pride about the young woman she has become.  Good thing she becomes a stinker sometimes so I don't get too carried away.  But seriously we are truly blessed to have her as part of our family.

With having snow hit our mountains and the furnace coming on with 30 degree mornings I decided we better hurry up with any yard projects.  So this week we planed a pacific sunset maple outside our family room windows.  Every summer I crave more shade in our yard so I am crossing my finger that it will live and thrive.

I was able to teach art to Robyn's class this week and decided that teach is the wrong verb to use.  I think manage the chaos is a much better description.  She is loving her teacher this year and cruising right along with her math and reading.  I think her writing is prettier than mine already as she is very meticulous in all she does.

This week I had parent/teacher conferences for Spencer.  I learned that he has been playing the piano for seminary and also coming in early from lunch sometimes to have a few moments of quiet with his book.  But he also said some neighborhood boys have been coming over to sit with him and visit at lunch lately.  Such a small thing but seriously almost brought me to tears.  I have wondered if his adhd meds have helped him but for the first time ever I didn't have teachers telling me about Spencer constantly talking and bringing up things out of left field.  Instead I listened to teachers say Spencer participates but never interrupts, is timely in his comments and is always on task.  On the downside a few teachers who have taken a special interest in him pointed out that he needs to loosen up and relax a little bit.  The world won't end if everything isn't done just right.  (Jeremy assured me that trait comes all from him - guess you can't pick your parents and he might just be stuck with some of my faults).

Taylor has started eating again slowly this week.  That means we have been seeing a few seizures again as his body comes out of ketosis.  He lately thinks Allison's cough is hilarious.  So if you see all the kids gathered around Taylor hacking in his face while he giggles, you will know why.

On Sunday to celebrate the first day of fall we had a few friends over for dessert.  It didn't last long but the kids were thrilled to be able to play on a Sunday.  There is something about Sunday that makes anything out of the ordinary feel like a special gift to my kids.  Today I introduced them to The Pirates of Pensanse.  Now and then I realize how much I am warping their childhood - how many 14 years olds go around singing "I am the very model of a modern major general".  I am sure I will provide lots of fodder for a psychologist some day. 

This week we got to see my brother Daniel for a few minutes as he was visiting Utah for work.  All of my family lives out of state and yet I never feel that isolated because of their efforts to stay in touch. 

The cold weather and the dark nights and late mornings have made our kids think that they should go to bed earlier and earlier.  I am happy to oblige them.  It has made for some peaceful early evenings around here.  Kids are happier and overjoyed just to hang out.  Hibernation mode is kicking in.