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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brussel Sprouts

Taylor enjoyed going to the park last Sunday evening.  We found a park that overlooks the whole valley up on the hillside and is the perfect spot to watch a sunset.  Taylor is doing better this weekend as the aroma of our house testifies - all his laxatives seem to be finally doing their job.  Good thing all weather has hit and we can live with our windows open!  He has started eating off and on again too which considering how thin he has become is a very good thing.  He got approved this week to add twice weekly massage appointments to his services.  I am sure he will love every minute of it.

This week I had a meeting about transitioning for Taylor at Primary's.  It didn't really occur to me that with Taylor turning 18 next year he "graduates" from Primary's and a pediatrician and switches over to regular hospitals and an adult doctor.  Lots of things to think about there.  I have felt so comfortable at Primary's when we have had to take him in, that I am quite hesitant about going anywhere else.

Today was our Primary sacrament program and Allison's last day in Primary.  This week she had her final interview with our Primary president and today went in for her temple recommend interview.  She wanted to go do baptisms for the dead on her birthday for years now.  It is hard to believe she is so old.  She has has her birthday planned out - brownies to share with her classmates, dinner with unlimited shrimp with her dad, baptisms for the dead with her family, vanilla cake with peanut butter/heath bar frosting, friends over for a movie and to eat stuffed shells and garlic bread - a lot of food involved there for such a tiny girl!  Last week she played the piano in sacrament meeting for the first time and I realized I really need to start thinking of her as a young woman.

Today pigs must have flown.  Allison has assured me for months that although she complains at almost every vegetable I cook that she would love brussel sprouts if I would only make them.  So I naively picked up a big bag of brussel sprouts at Costco this week.  I swore I would never make them after disliking them so intensely as a child but I made the sacrifice.  Allison decided they didn't taste as good as she thought they would.  Spencer ate his share with copious amounts of salad dressing and gagging retching sounds coming loudly from his corner.  So now we have a big tupperware of cooked sprouts in our fridge.  I don't think we will be repeating that experiment.

Had parent/teacher conferences this week for our girls.  I like their teachers a lot this year, especially Robyn's.  And so far they are both doing great at school.  Robyn likes to pull out the drama this year.  For example: "Why do you make us do chores.  You take away all my play time and I only got to play for 1 hour today!  You are ruining all my fun!  You are the meanest mom ever!"  Yada yada.  Then an hour later she gives me a hug and says how much she loves me.  Good thing I have chocolate and don't take things personally!

Spencer is home teaching with Jeremy right now.  He is so excited for this new calling and was right on top of calling people for appointments and setting reminders on his touch.  Jeremy has the patience of Job - that is all I will say.  Spencer made the comment that he had been so worried about the homework that would happen in high school but that since he has been doing the homework the days its assigned it hasn't been so bad.  Jeremy and I just hit our heads as we have been saying this for years!  Hopefully the lesson will stick.

Jeremy had a model photo shoot and a event shoot this week to add into his busy life.  He had a rather sad week though as one of his friends died in a motorcycle crash.  He has been telling me all the things he has been learning about his friend and the remarkable life he led but didn't brag about.

I had a head cold this weekend but it is amazing what nyquil and 15 hours of sleep can do.  So now its back into the fray of things.  Thankfully I had a friend loan me the book Blackmoore that made my weekend because obviously watching the BYU/Utah game did not.  Luckily we also got to watch it with friends which made us have a great time despite the scoreboard.


The Skeehan Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jeremy's friend. Please tell him we are thinking about him.

Dan and I were just talking about Allison and what an impressive young woman she is becoming. I CANNOT believe she is going to be 12 in just a few days. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm excited to see who she becomes because she already blows us all away.

And we cannot be more excited to see all of you. Seriously counting down the days!!!! Do you know it is only 16?!