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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometime my spring will come

Allison had her last basketball game yesterday.  The team they played against had some very, very tall 6th graders.  My favorite moment was when someone tried to take a ball away from Allison.  She hung on to it so tightly that they literally lifted her off the ground until a referee blew a whistle.  It is fun to see her get out of her shell a bit.  On Monday, Allison saw the dentist.  Her adult teeth are coming up on the bottom down below her baby teeth.  So she goes back in a few weeks to get her baby teeth pulled and a retainer glued in to move her teeth around.  She is not super thrilled about this.

Our old dishwasher left and the new dishwasher came Monday.  Jeremy spent a night installing it only to come down to find a kitchen of water.  The dishwasher worked great but the hose connection wasn't quite tight enough for when the dishwasher stopper and drained.  Jeremy had to take it apart again, not a easy thing.  But some plumbers tape and cross our fingers that everything is working so far.

Been working on my non-existent crochet skills and catching up on my quality TV this week as I worked on a rug for our bathroom.  I could not get it straight, no matter what I did.  I think I need to make it a little bigger still but I am letting us stomp on it a bit and try to flatten and even it out.

This week we had a few days of sunshine where I ran outside and blue skies were overhead.  Kids were literally giddy with spring fever.  And then we have had snow storms that have piled our driveway.  I am really, really ready for spring.  I remember every spring my mom having paper white bulbs growing in our living room.  I have started doing the same thing just to see signs that spring is coming eventually.
Robyn is working hard at her play and having fun.  On Friday night she went from school, to play practice, to a birthday party and back home to have friends over and treats while we watched Pride and Prejudice.  As a side note I have a new record for short notice on a birthday party.  Robyn was in tears for days as she tried to convince me that she really was invited to a classmate's birthday party.  My rule is, no invite, no party.  So I got the invitation at 1:30 that afternoon when I went in to teach art.  Luckily Robyn and I had decided early that week to stock up and wrap a few little girl presents just for such emergencies.  As for our Pride and Prejudice night I loved it, Allison said it was a hard to understand movie and Robyn spent 5 minutes with us before disappearing with little girls to her room.
Saturday night Jeremy and I met up with our friends for dinner at the Riverwoods and their winter festival.  We went to the waffle truck to have what Jeremy terms "Heather's type of dinner".  They make Belgian waffles and then top them.  Jeremy had a waffle with chocolate bars stuck inside and whipped cream.  Mine was spread with Biscoff, cream, strawberries and raspberries.  I was on a sugar high for hours and hoped all the shivering burned off the calories.  Then Jeremy and I were off to see a musical called The Civil War.  Not something I would ever think to see but it had some really neat songs it.
This week Spencer had a meeting where I got to go to as the stake introduced the pioneer trek this summer.  What a cool experience he will have.  I remember going as a 14 or 15 year old with my aunt Sharon and her ward.  The reason I like the name Allison so much is that one of my sisters on the trek was named Ali (who later married my trek brother Aaron) and I thought she was one of the genuinely neatest, most sincere person I have ever met.  Spencer is hesitant about the clothes and hiking in the heat in hats and long sleeved shirts.  He has been trying to get in shape and is down lifting weights or running on the treadmill almost every day.  He is excited to see a little bump on his bicep.

Taylor is doing good.  The new medication seems to keep moving things along and he has turned into a bottomless pit.  I think he is eating almost as much as Spencer right now.  It is fun to see him chirping and clapping again.  He still loves his bean bag by the fire and doesn't think he should ever leave it.

Jeremy had two photo shoots this week. One for a missionary family and one for a hair and make-up creative group.  Add in some time working on the studio floor and he has been pulling some late nights with his hobby this week. Good thing that he loves it so much.

Saturday morning we had a Stake relief Society meeting.  It was wonderful with Sandra Rogers speaking and then doing humanitarian projects.  I came away with lots of need to and should do ideas in my head.  One of my favorites was her talking of a 12 year old boy speaking on the Holy Ghost at a baptism.  "I know the Holy Ghost is real.  Last week I was doing something wrong.  The Holy Ghost told my mother and she came and found me and stopped me.  I know the Holy Ghost is real because he speaks to my mother".  I thought how awesome would it be if my kids could say they knew the Holy Ghost speaks to me.