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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Allison gave me her auto-biography this week from school.  It made me laugh and smile so I wanted to share it.  A few details are off like the fact that Jeremy's Dad was Navy not Marines but it was interesting to see how she sees things.  I definitely need to be less OCD and I would like her to like her siblings more than most of the time!

My Birth
I was born on September 28 in Utah Valley Hospital at 11:39 p.m.  I weighted 7 lbs, 3 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.  My hair was dark, black and curly.  I had extra big eyes and would stare at everything.  People say it looked like I was trying to talk with my eyes.
After a long debate, they finally narrowed it down to two names - Allison or Rebecca.  It was my older brother, Spencer who picked it by saying, "No Rebecca!  Bad Rebecca!  Baby Allison in Mommy's tummey".  Then came the decision of my middle name.  They agreed that it would be Eileen, after my great-aunts name and my aunt's middle name.  It wasn't until then that we knew my full name was,
Allison Eileen Hall
After that I learned things quickly.  My grandmother sewed me a long, white, lace dress.  She sewed on it for a long time.  As a baby, I was extremely happy.  I loved to be cuddled inward, not outward, and often would take long naps with my mom.  When I went to bed, before I could fall asleep, I always needed my Snugly.  It was a fuzzy, green blanket, no bigger than an average sized paper.  In one corner, there was a small frog head.  At 9 months I learned to crawl.  A couple months later, I leared to talk.  My first word was UP, a word that I used often.  After that, at 13 1/2 months, I learned to walk.  Two months before, I grew my first tooth.  Even though I got my first tooth at 11 months, I was eating solids at 5 months.  At the time, my favorite solid food was dunkers.  My aunt, Mimi, was the one who introduced them to me.  A dunker is a type of cookie.  It is skinny and long.  They come in many different flavors.  Craisen white, milk chocolate and many more.  My favorite type is milk chocolate.  One side is completely covered in milk chocolate and the other side is drizzled with chocolate, chocolate chips placed randomly.
On January 3, 2002 I laughed for the first time.  Although it sometimes annoyed my mom that she was only able to get me to chuckle, my dad was always able to make me full-out laugh - you know, that big belly laugh that all babies do.  My dad would get me into a laughing fit every night.
As a baby, I was always happy and never fussy.  I am glad I was a good baby.
My Family
I was born into a family of six.  I have one sister and 2 brothers.  That makes my family equal - 3 boys and 3 girls.  Everybody in my family is different and likes different things.  Even though we have all those differences, we are all alike.
My mom was born in Mountain View, California.  She has blonde hair and bright hazel eyes.  Her family has a total of seven, with 3 boys and 2 girls.  She is the oldest of her family and her only sister is the youngest.  She is a bookworm, and also likes to sew.  She is a great listener and she is on the quieter side.  She likes to keep and have everything in order.  She is a great mom.
My dad has black hair and blue eyes.  He was born in Poulso, Washington.  He has one sister and one brother.  He is also the middle child.  His dad was part of the marines and worked on some submarines.  He is kind and like to joke a lot.  His job is with a company called, "efamily network".  The company is a computer networking company.  His favorite hobby is photography.  He is very good at it, and sometimes does it so often, it seems like it is his regular job.  He is an awesome dad.
Next is my brother Taylor, the first and the oldest.  He was brown hair and is the only one in my family with green eyes.  When he was 4 days old, he had a stroke.  The stroke damaged his brain making it so he can't see, talk and is also partially deaf.  He loves the beach, and any place warm.  His favorite position to lay is in a small ball.  Since his laugh is so contagious and sweet, we are always trying to get him to laugh.  He is a great brother.
After him, there is my brother Spencer.  He was born here in Utah.  He has black hair and blue eyes.  He is a bookworm and loves to doze.  He loves electronics and is a little computer nerd.  We usually get along.
Last but not least, is my only sister Robyn.  She is the youngest.  She has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She loves to get attention and will often watch herself in a mirror.  She loves to listen to CD's and goes into her own little world a lot.  We mostly get along.
That is all about my little family with our little perks.  I am glad to be placed in my family.
My Early Life
During the first three years of my life, I lived in Orem, UT.  I lived in a small, red brick house.  My two brothers had to share a room and I had a closet-sized room.  While I lived there, my best friend was Mandi Sink.  Even though she was 6 inches taller and weighed about 15 pounds more than me, we had a great time togehter.  We often would play in my mom's room and we would get a hold of my mom's make-up.  My mom would get pretty mascara pictures all over her bedspread.
As a toddler, I liked many games, especially board games.  I loved to play Shoots and Ladders and would spend hours just making my player climb ladders and slide slides.  When I was little, I had a little baby doll and stroller.  I loved to go on walks and "vacations" while pushing my stroller around.  I also had a doll house about 3 feet tall with a little plastic family of dolls.  unlike most toddlers, I did not have a security blanket.  Although, I did have a bear that went many places with me.
As a little girl, I had two pets - a dog and a cat.  My cats name was Mickey.  He had black and white fur and he had green and black eyes that would almost glow in the dark.  He like to be petted, but only in the perfect way.  Even though he was a great cat, he sometimes was mean.  Next is my golden Labrador, Max.  He had long, blonde fur and blue eyes.  He was highly trained and followed every order we gave him.
When I was three years old, we moved from Orem to P.G.  While the house was being built, we live with my grandparents in California.  While we were living there, I had my third birthday.  I celebrated it in a park called Happy Hollow, an amusement park.  Also at my third birthday I got my first scooter.  I spent about a third of my birthday riding back and forth.  Shortly after my birthday, we moved into the new house.  One of my first memories is standing in the dim garage of my new house with boxes and toyw surrounding me.
At my new house I had two friends - Andra Hancock and Maryn Jolly.  We play together often and we would almost always get into mischief.  Sadly, I was not able to attend preschool with them. Fortunately, I went with another friend, Evelyn Brimhall.  We went to Miss Leesa's preschool in P.G.
As a little girl, I was obsessed with Angelina Ballerina.  I had stuffed animals of her, and I had read all of her books.  I also went to dance at the P.G. recreation center with Andra and Maryn.
As a little girl many things occurred.  I am thankful for all those things for they have helped shape what I am now.
My School Years
Throughout all of my school years, I have gone to one school - Lincoln Academy.  At Lincoln Academy all of the teachers are kind and let you excel above grade average.  During all my school years I have lived in the same house in Pleasant Grove.
My interests and likes have changed through out the years.  In first grade I liked dance and ballet music.  In second grade I like gymnastics and classical.  In third grade I liked dance again and still loved classical music.  In fourth grade I didn't really have any likes and just went with the flow.  In fifth grade I liked country music and theater.  I love to be on stage with the stage lights almost blinding me.
In my free time, I like to do many different things.  I love to create and write stories.  I also like to sew and design purses, dolls, hats etc.  Every day I play piano to help develop my talents.  I lvoe to read a good story that pulls me away from the real world for awhile.
Over the years, I have made more and more friends.  Andra, Breanne, Alena, Grace and Amber are only a few of my great friends.  Whenever I am bored, there is always someone who is available.  All of them are great listeners and loyal people.
Every other year, my mom's side of the family goes to the beach.  I get to see all of my cousins and how they have grown.  We get to feel the warm sand and the cool water.  We get a fresh supply of shells and hot sun.  All of the cousins are always running around or bogey boarding.  In my family, every single cousin has another cousin that is the same age as them.  Nobody is every left alone.  I can't wait to feel the salt water cooling my skin again.
My Future Plans
For my future life, I have many plans and expectations.  I hope to fully develope my life.
I plan to go to the Pleasant Grove junior high and take all of the honor classes.  I want to learn as much as I possibly can.  I want to take extracurricular classes before and after school.  I want to teach my sister what I have learned so she can excel in school.
I have not yet decided on what high school to attend.  But I do know what I am going to do at high school.  I plan to learn as much as possible.  I also plan to get my associates in high school.  It is the beginning to a college degree and is free in high school.  If you do it in college you have to pay.
As for my college years, I plan to attend Stanford, Harvard or BYU.  I plan to get a degree in writing and take some theater classes.
After my college years, I want to settle down.  I want to get married and have a couple of kids.  I want to raise them with the best education I can give them.  If my school years have prepared me enough, I plan to home-school them.
As for where I want to live, I will live wherever my husband's job takes us.  Just as long as I can travel back to my hometown.
As a grownup I plan to have two occupations.  I plan to, of course, be a mom.  I also plan to be a children's author and share my stories with my children.
I plan to live a long healthy life and live to see a couple of grand-children born.  I want to live at least to the age of 91.
I want my hair to slowly change from blonde to gray.  I want to get smooth, wrinkly skin.  And most of all, I want to have my eyes keep their blue shine.
Hopefully I will be able to complete all of my hopes and live a compete life.