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Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Wheels

On Thursday Taylor got a new set of wheels.  He was fitted for it back in September but we had to wait until it was officially 5 years since we got his last wheelchair for the insurance approval to go through.  And then a few parts took awhile etc.  I wasn't super excited for this wheelchair to come but it is not as hard to deal with as I thought it would.  It is too big to fit in our van so we have to take it apart every time.  By that I mean lift off the handles, the sides, the back, the seats and then collapse the frame.  I think if it is snowing or raining, it will have to be an important occasion for me to take Taylor somewhere in his wheelchair as it is a pain to spread everything out and assemble it.  But I can easily lift the broken apart wheelchair into the van which is nice.  And Taylor really likes his new chair.  It is so much more comfortable for him.  It has shoulder restrains instead of a chest harness that he is having a hard time getting used to.  But it keeps him upright.  Instead of foot straps it has a calf strap the we put on only when he is going places so he doesn't stick his feet out and kick people or doorways and hurt himself.  I just need to put a BYU sticker on his chair somewhere and it will be complete.  Taylor has been in such a happy place lately.  I think we have the digestive issues worked out and he is eating as much as we can give him.  He chirps and claps and walks all over.
Last Sunday Spencer picked out a dinner and made it for us.  Apple/Snickers salad, green salad and sausage/potato/egg casserole.  It was delicious and because it was Sunday it worked for it to be a 2 hour process.  Spencer beamed as the girls had seconds and thirds of everything.  Tonight its Allison's turn to be chef.
Spring is in the air here.  Today it is raining instead of snowing as we have gotten into the 40s and sometimes even 50 degrees during the day.  I got to run outside this week and even try out my new bike clips with a bike ride.  I haven't fallen yet.  But I am told the falls usually occur in the time period between being paranoid anxious about clipping out and having it be second nature.  So maybe if I just stay paranoid I will be safe.  We planted our Easter baskets with grass this year.  I think we might have done it too soon as its already grown quite high.  But its been very fun.  We used cat grass and I was curious to see if Macho attacked it but not yet.
On Friday night Allison and I had a special girls' night up in SLC.  We went out to dinner at Creekside Mall - Kneaders and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and then on to see Shrek the musical.  I know, I know, I didn't know it was a musical either.  It was through her Center Stage youth theater group.  It was quite fun.  I am so glad to have a daughter that I get to do these things with.  We were at the Capitol Theater which is this gorgeous old building and sat on the third floor.  6 long flights of stairs to get to our seat!
I think we almost have the tile for Taylor's bathroom worked out.  I mistakenly picked out wall tile instead of floor tile with my first Home Depot run.  So this week I need to pick out a new tile and then we found a guy to do it for us.  We debated doing it ourselves but Jeremy said he would rather do another photo shoot.

Jeremy has had a tough week.  He was able to do some photo stuff, going to a class on positioning.  But his back has gotten worse all week till Friday he could barely walk and couldn't stand up straight.  His lower back is just seized up.  So he has been laying on ice packs for a couple of days now trying to get it to relax.  Hopefully things will improve soon.  The girls told me that they were fasting for his back today.  He somehow managed to shower, shave, take some pain pills and sit through Lincoln with me and a few friends Saturday night.  It was a great movie.  I read the book Lincoln just a few months ago so it was neat to see the history I learned come to life before my eyes.

The girls are heading into the final count down of their Annie play.  It has made for some tired emotional nights.  I am learning that everything can wait sometimes and Robyn just needs to go to bed for some quiet time.  This week they have practice every day until 6 and then a dress rehearsal all day Saturday.  I think we will make some early nights of it this week!


The Skeehan Family said...

What a good good mom you are. Dates with the kids, letting them make meals (which I am sure is quite involved :-)), going to all their meetings and function, supporting them in all their activities and doing it all with a smile on your face.

I love you so.

Heather Hall said...

feeling is mutual. and i should have added that with spencer, it was help him for 20 minutes, sneak into the other room to eat a bite of the lindt chocolate bar my vt brought and repeat...many times