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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow, Paint and Doctors

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Friday morning I woke up to winter.  It finally arrived in full force.  Icy roads, biting wind the whole 9 yards.  So since my friend Brenda and I are not insane we drove to the rec center to run.  I came home to see little Allison outside all bundled up and shoveling our driveway.  She reassured me she got up early, did all her jobs, practiced the piano, packed her lunch, made her breakfast and just wanted to help out with the driveway.  I swear that little girl is pushing for saint hood some days.  Good thing she has a little sister to keep her humble and a little sassy.  (This is the same day she came home from school to say she wanted to do indexing for a little while, just because - it was a really good day)  Jeremy dragged his still horribly sick with allergy body out to give the girls a little help with their shoveling project.  Its the first time all year that he has been able to use his snow plow.  Driving to school cars were sliding everywhere.  And then because of our weird weather by today most of the snow has melted and the sun is out!  But our kids were outfitted in snow gear, sleds and were ready to tackle making a snowman Friday.

Robyn and Luke were a bit inseparable this week.  They had a ball on Monday in our backyard with a tea party to follow.  Luke's little brother Jake was busy tossing rose petals on them while they danced.  Originally Luke was wearing a zorro costume to be a prince but it was getting in the way when he tried to dip Robyn.  So when I came out with the camera after spying on them and laughing through the window, they ditched the cape and had the giggles.  It still just makes me smile.  I hope they stay friends when the whole boys are yucky stage kicks in.  I finished Robyn's skirt this week which she wanted to show off:

Robyn and her friends all had their kindergarten classes invaded by a leprechaun this week who did naughty things while they were at recess.  So they were busy making leprechaun traps for our backyard that were quite involved. They were convinced Macho's paw prints through the yard were really made by a leprechaun and they were super excited about the prospect of getting their own pot of gold.  Robyn has had a busy week of friends and parties.  I don't think she realizes that it is not necessary to play with a friend every day.

Allison had a class presentation this week on the history of fortune cookies.  So of course being Allison she made fortune cookies for the whole class.  It still seems strange to me to have her be so independent all of a sudden.  She had a light-bulb moment lately that if she gets up at 6:30 she can have all her jobs done before school starts.  Which means she has been either going to a friends house after school or having a friend come home with her.  On Friday she and her friend Andra went on a date with Jeremy to go out to dinner.  Allison had won a gift card for a Mexican restaurant up in Sandy through a drawing at school.   Jeremy said they just had a giddy time with non-stop laughing and loving their night out.

Jeremy is still sick with allergies although now he can hear.  He got a neti pot this week to throw in along with all of his drugs.  I think the snow storm helped a little bit but he is still fairly miserable and just sticking it out.  He was doing the final clean up of the studio this week with all the new construction being done and had a photo shoot there Friday.  He arranged to take pictures for this dance wear manufacturer who is also our neighbor in return for dance outfits for our girls.  On Saturday we walked over to her house for our girls to "shop".  They were in heaven.  Robyn returned home to try out her splits and leaps convinced that she can dance so much better in her new outfit.  On Saturday night we got to go out with two of our neighbors for dinner.  Its so nice just to talk adult sometimes!

Taylor had a week of doctors.  On Monday we spent the morning up at Primary's changing up his seizure meds and adjusting his VNS.  There is a new drug out that we are looking at but first we are going to try modifying what he already has.  Right now he has a couple of good days and then he will have a day or two that are bad.  I would like to get him having more good days.  Then on Thursday we spent the morning at the wheelchair shop.  He has outgrown his current wheelchair so it isn't very comfortable but he has to wait until December for insurance to cover a new chair.  So they made as many adjustments as they could to lengthen things out and not have parts rub him the wrong way.  They also ordered him a vest for the car to help him sit upright on his seat and not be able to slouch over so much.  I am sure he won't like it but it will be a lot safer and more comfortable for him.  Right now as we lift him up he gives a big gasp as all the air re-enters his lungs.

This week I finally painted out hallways.  Just the same beige color but it makes our house look so much cleaner.  The amount of holes I filled and boogers and dirt I washed off were just disgusting.  I want to do the trim now as it looks pretty sad but I plan to wait a few days for that.  And then its off to do our living room and dining room.  So right now this is how I have narrowed down my choices on color there:

I am having a hard time making up my mind.  Any suggestions?  Seriously, suggest away.  I didn't think picking a color would be so hard but for some reason it is.  My goal is to have it done before yard work starts as then all house projects come to screeching halt.

Love, Heather