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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"The best Saturday ever" - Allison

Yesterday was one of those days where you pinch yourself to make sure that your family and life is for real.  Thanks go a generous Jeremy I spent the morning enjoying a small piece of heaven at a spa.  I came home to find that not only had he gone with Allison to her last basketball game, they had emptied the dishwasher, gone and cleaned the office and then cleaned the van for me.  To say it mildly I was blown away.  Allison then went with a friend, BY THEMSELVES, to our local dollar movie theater to watch I bought a zoo.  They took my cell phone with them for any emergencies along with a purse of treats and felt like they were super mature.  I couldn't believe she is old enough to do things like this.  I am not sure if I would let her loose at the big movie theater but the little dollar one is run by high school students and her swim teachers.  Afterwards with some friends in tow we went to Krispie Kremes to turn in their report cards for free doughnuts.  And then, yep the day is not over yet, we had an adult only ward party where a group of couples came to our house for dinner and then we all went to the church to play games and have dessert.  It was a really, really good day. 

Only downer on the weekend is that Jeremy is sick.  Must be something about the springtime.  He is on all his heavy duty meds again, sounds like a frog and can't hear out of one ear so well.  It seems to be too early for allergies to be kicking in but we have had some serious wind storms this week which could be blowing something around.  And to add insult to injury he has had a pretty stressful week.  Things have not been going as planned with the studio remodeling.  He has spent a lot of time there this week cleaning things up in the evening and the trying to figure out things with the construction guy.  He needs a weekend away on some warm beach somewhere, right about now.  Instead he went with Spencer to the youth baptism for the dead trip.  I tell you more and more Jeremy teaches me that being a man is doing what needs to be done whether you want to or not.

Monday the kids were out of school.  So while Jeremy worked away, we went up to SLC to visit the Leonardo museum.  One of their favorite parts is the art studio.  I am always stealing ideas to use with the kindergartner art class.  And that night our friends the Hancocks came over to join us for dinner.  We love visiting with their family and it was a great excuse to make a mud pie!

Tuesday I spent the day with Allison and her class doing a field trip, touring the Energy Solutions Arena and then the new Utah Natural History Museum.  The trip lasted from 8 until 2:30.  It was fun to hang out with Allison and her friends but it sure felt like a long school day.   I had one of those moment where someone leading the trip was extremely inconsiderate.  It was one of those moments where you just shake your head and go, "really, that can't have just happened".  I realize that I need to watch what I say because when I express a little displeasure it comes out of Allison's mouth, blown up ten times more.  But my car of kids all handled it like troopers, and sucked it up a bit. 

Allison had her last basketball practice and game this week.  If she is doing a dance team like she is planning next year, I doubt she will be able to do basketball again.  She sure loved her coach and team though and worked really hard to get better.

On Thursday night we had our Stake Relief Society Meeting.  We had Sister Virginia H. Pearce speak.  It was an awesome night that gave me a lot of food for thought.  This meeting helped me with my humility as not only did I misquote our scripture theme on all the posters, I sent out 870 invitations with the WRONG DATE on it.  Luckily everyone figured out it was supposed to say February 23rd not January.  I think I am a stake secretary simply so all the ward secretaries can feel really good about their own efforts.

Friday was Robyn's Kindy 500.  She spent the week painting her car with Allison helping.  She wanted a Rapunzel car and was quite proud of her efforts.  They had a parade in their cars and then spent an hour going to different road stops to learn about the national monuments, get bumper stickers for their cars, fill up with gas and ice cream and have a great time.

Friday morning I was able to go at 5:30 am with two of my friends to the temple.  One of my friends was getting her thyroid biopsied later that day.  I was feeling like I was so heroic to get up that early until I arrived at the temple.  The parking lot was full of workers who had already been there for almost an hour.  Plus youth were there to do baptisms before school.  Another lesson in humility as I realized how many people just quietly do things like this all the time.  So it really was a good week.  I have that convenient Mom memory that forgets cranky yelling kids so easily.