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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A week of relearning

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been a week of relearning. Of relearning the rules, of me remembering to pace myself better and of learning what warmth means again as summer has finally hit.

Memorial Day we had an early morning ward flag ceremony followed by a day of playing and yard work. Jeremy spent the majority of the day with some friends taking a long over due quad ride out by the lake. He had a great time and met up with us at some friends for a BBQ, enjoying the late summer evenings and visiting. My favorite part of summer.

Allison has been busy this week doing soccer camp this morning. First morning she was quite nervous but quickly learned to be aggressive, kick the ball and enjoy making goals. Due to her sudden camera shyness I didn't get one of her all suited up in oversize soccer gear and pig tails but it made me smile every morning. I knew how much she liked it as I would come back from my run in the morning and find her awake and suited up while everyone else was still snoring. She went to a very cool birthday party this week up at the Lion House in SLC. She has so many little friends her age and birthday parties seem to be a frequent occurrence in her life. She came home from this one full of stories about Brigham Young and the early settlers.

Robyn started T-ball this week. I went with her on Tuesday and she despite my suggestions showed up in her pink and zebra striped tutu to play in. It made me laugh the whole night as she ran around the bases, skirt flying around her. She loves the whole experience. Friday was her big dance recital so she had her last dance class this week, her dress rehearsal, class pictures and her recital. Sort of an event filled week for her. Add in friends, a trip to the swimming pool and going along with the kids to their various activities and she crashed every night.

Spencer has been enjoying to the fullest the lazy days of summer. He stocked up on some goosebump books and is dipping back into Harry Potter. Breaking out all the tv shows and computer programs he has been wanting to try out. Things are going to change this week as he needs to up his activity level! He went to a merit badge workshop Saturday for fitness so has a fitness log to keep filled out. Last night we went to a s'more night at our neighbors. Kids ran around like crazy and no one got their eyes poked out from s'more sticks. Spencer found out he has grown another 3/4 of an inch so he is feeling quite proud.

Taylor got his wheelchair fixed again so it is better. his wheel is broken so another trip to SLC tomorrow. Yipee!

I am remembering that me time becomes non-existent in the summer so I am learning to seize the moment. Running has been more painful this week for some reason, perhaps the high 80 degree temperature so it is hard for me to consider that me time.

Jason and company just showed for dinner so we are off to visit!

love, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

tutu while playing tee ball? That's awesome - too bad Jeremy didn't get any of those on camera. Sounds like you had yet another busy busy week. How do you do it all I ask?

Can't wait to see you... be prepared for some HOT weather, though - today is 110!!!