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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer days

Dear Family and Friends,

This week summer hit with high temperatures and sunny skies. Father's Day was a wonderful time even with a Mom who was asleep by 9. We made stuffed french toast, kids sang to Jeremy in sacrament meeting, grilled steaks and spent the evening playing badminton with Jeremy's new set. Playing badminton with kids requires deep draws on a parent's reservoir of patience. But they are thrilled every time Jeremy picks up a racket.

This week Taylor had school and was convinced he no longer had to work. He only goes three days a week for three weeks but it is sorely needed. He gets in the habit of lazying around with us and forgets all that he can do.

Spencer had a science camp every morning this week with one of my old neighbors Alene. He built motors, a lightbulb, a telegraph, speakers and was in boy heaven. He even was able to get everything done for his electrical merit badge. It was great. Friday Spencer went on another scout camp-out. This was the 11 year old commitment hike where the stake young men leaders have the boys commit to several things like honoring the priesthood, serving a mission, getting their duty to God and Eagle Scout etc. It sounded like a very cool event. This was his first time he has gone camping without Jeremy there as a buffer and we prayed hard he would remember his pills. He did and came home tired and happy. He spent the afternoon taking a nap. We all went up to Cabella's to get a sleeping pad for him this week. I have never actually tried shopping at Cabella's with kids, we usually just go to look at animals. I am sure they were all glad to see us go as I was on the phone with Jeremy, Taylor was kicking the display, Spencer was showing me every option out there and Allison, and Kambry were chasing Robyn through the tent displays where Robyn kept tripping over the ropes causing loud howls to ensue. Stores love our family...

Allison had two cooking classes this week, one with Robyn. She loves creating her little meals and cakes at the rec center. We went swimming twice and she has been busy teaching Robyn how to swim. Robyn is all set for water polo as she is literally dragged all around and under the pool gasping for breath whenever she can. But she has a smile on her face the whole time and has quickly learned how to doggie paddle and do flips under water. Allison has been busy with a neighbor girl creating a dance performance set to the Mama Mia soundtrack. They are taking it very seriously. With Spencer down in Orem each morning, we have been playing with Kambry one of Allison's old friends down there. Despite living apart for 6 years now they remain good friends.

Robyn has been busy running kids everywhere and not liking it much. She had t-ball again this week and has finally realized she needs to run to first base or try to field the ball. It is still a very entertaining sight and not much actual baseball happens. But we are all happy at the end of each game. She has been busy practicing her whining lately. Jeremy caught her trying out her whining performance in front of the mirror yesterday. To be that good at it requires serious practice time. Whenever she is home she is grabbing a swim suit and trolling the neighborhood for friends to run through the sprinklers with. She inherited my sweat glands and comes home with a tomato face and sweat plastered hair.

Jeremy had two photo shoots yesterday and is enjoying keeping his hand in. Seems like his life is spent working, coming home to church, yard or family duties and then trying to find a spare moment to sit or catch up on side projects. So I am glad he still gets a little photo time. We went to see a play last night at Hale Center called 110 in the Shade. It wasn't a play I had ever heard of before although I recognized quotes from it. We really enjoyed it especially two of our favorite slapstick humor guys were in it.

I have been trying to reclaim our yard this week. I will go take some photos as with all the rain and cool temperatures everything is growing like mad. My biggest news is that I finally bought my birthday present from Mom and Dad - a bench for our hallway. I have been looking for quite awhile, I'm just very slow to make up my mind!

My favorite quotes of the week:

"There isn't any rule that says you have to scoop the dog poop first" by Allison as she seriously was reading the badminton rule book to find that rule.

"So a police man keeps his nightstick next to his cattle prod on his belt just in case the taser doesn't work" by Spencer

"Knock, Knock. Who's there. Queen. Queen who? Queen up this mess!!" followed by maniacal non-stop laughter by Robyn who discovered knock-knock jokes this week. We have heard them all many, many, many times.

Love to you all, Heather

Allison is getting cautiously optimistic that we will FINALLY have raspberries this year.

What do you do with a badminton box? Build a house of course.


Skeeutopia said...

You have such a beautiful yard!!! I forget how much room you have. The ONE time I was able to see your house was in the dead of winter, so the backyard was off limits. One day we will make it out there and go hot-tubbing, eat fresh raspberries, and then lounge lazily around the grass as the kids play badminton. Aaahhhh. Vacation in the backyard sounds like heaven!