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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Has Begun

Despite Utah's weather still flirting periodically with Spring, Summer is officially on us as kids are out of school and have a week of being lazy behind them. Of course with Summer comes the various activities Heather requires they get involved in, to keep them active and her sanity intact. Me, it's just another week of work for the most part, but I was able to attend a couple of events this week.

I leave the full update to Heather, but I had a few photos I put online that I figured I would share in a post of my own. These first photos of Robyn posing were of course to show off her dolled up outfit for her dance recital. What I found most humorous were how every pose was of her own direction - each set up was her idea. Guess she really is the daughter of a guy trying to be a photographer, eh?

On Thursday it was my turn to head over to the fields with Robyn and enjoy some lively humor watching her and her teammates learn how to play T-ball. Note the emphasis on learn. Always good for some laughs when the helmets don't fit, the kids can't hit a ball holding still, and for some reason almost the entire team thinks you should run the ball to the first base instead of actually throwing it!

These are from a few weeks ago when camping with Spencer and the 11-year old Scouts. I wasn't sure if I'd shared any of these, so I thought I'd put a few in just in case. We enjoyed our first time visiting "Little Sahara" in the West Desert area of Utah. Pretty cool place.