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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Few More Photos

I added a few photos to Heather’s post below, but I had a few more I wanted to share here on the blog from last week. As Heather mentioned, I was of course the de facto ward photographer for the Halloween party again this year.  I’m happy to do it of course and I think people in the ward enjoy having them.  You can see the entire collection here, but here are a few of just our kids:


I also was playing around in the kitchen Saturday, talking cameras & lenses with Kelly. While talking we of course shot quick photos of each other to show what we were talking about. We had a few fun portraits come out of the fun that I figured I would share.  As Heather mentioned, the monitor I had ordered some time ago arrived, but I am not sure yet of the color accuracy on it, so I’m not sure how these next photos will look on your screens. I need to borrow a color calibrator and get it tuned in. You know I am geeky about such things.

20091031-IMG_0758 20091031-IMG_0759 20091031-IMG_0761 20091031-IMG_0766

20091031-IMG_0754 20091031-IMG_0763 20091031-IMG_0762

Heather wasn’t too happy with this last one because she thought she was slouching too much, but I love her smile and overall countenance, so I had to share it :)