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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The joys of parent teacher conference is that you get to peek into your child's mind. Two papers I salvaged from the stack of show your parents display on the desk.

Santa Letter:
Dear Santa,

This letter is for others. There is a family in my ward that is not doing so well. Could you bring them some games to take their minds off their struggle. My grandparents are on a mission in Australia and they love to read. Please bring them some books. Thanks.

From, Spencer Hall

from Allison's daily journal - spelling is hers:

"My favrite fruit is rasberrys. They are red and juicy. They are sweet and sugery. They are only ripe in the fall.

The funnest time in my life was when my sister and I made a fort and no boys were aloud it was fun

I was in a strenuous hike when I had to hike to swert falls and back 8 times. I was heaving when I was done. Whew!

A part of chaos was when I had a sleepover my friend she was going crazy that was chaos.

How can you not smile when you read these? Heather