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 Girls Camp was amazing.  It was short this year with us leaving Monday morning and coming back Wednesday night.  We stayed at Palisades where we played in the morning and then in the afternoon when it was in the 100s we played in the lake.  I love being with the YW and their leaders and hanging out with Allison.  While we were gone neighbors looked out for our latch key kid Robyn for which I was very grateful.

Do not laugh at my bedazzled hat - it is my girls camp hat!

We came back Wednesday night and Thursday morning Spencer left for three days of boating and playing with the priests.  He came back fried, tired and happy.  They had to pack their own food which meant he shopped and split food with a friend living up PB & Jam sandwiches, hot dogs and cereal.

Before I left for Girl's Camp we knew Macho needed to be put down as he was going into kidney failure which just kept getting worse while I was gone (lots of cleaning to do).  He had lots of fight left in him and did not want to go to sleep.  And holding a cat still who is literally dripping in pee is not nice.

Robyn had her first official swim meet where she did pretty good.  I get to time at the meets which I really enjoy as I am right next to them as they finish and can cheer them on.  It also means the meets go by a lot fast as I am busy the whole time while Robyn talks with her friends and then has to be watching so she doesn't miss her events.

Then the next wee on Wednesday - very, very early - I drove the girls along with Kaori down to SUU in Cedar City.  We were there until Saturday afternoon.  Allison and Kaori had a writer's camp while Robyn and I got to play.  We got to attend the opening remarks so Robyn could hear Brandon Mull who is one of her favorite writers.  Allison got a copy of his newest book for Robyn and had him sign it for her so Robyn has been in heaven reading away.

Allison was paired with the writer Brenden Reichs and spent the next few days writing, hiking Bryce, learning about how to be a better writer, going to museums and plays and having a great time.  We saw them late at night and in the early morning.

With Allison and Kaori busy writing, Robyn and I hiked Kanaraville Falls and Cedar Breaks, walked along Main Street sampling candy and trying on weird hats, went to see 'As You Like It' at the Shakespeare festival, watched the Greenshows, and took breaks of watching the Disney channel and playing in the hotel pool.  It was fun to spend some one on one time with Robyn.  We had times of whining and pouting but I learned that I just needed to make sure lots of breaks and food was happening and then life was much better.

While we were gone Spencer went to Insitute for the first time.  He loved it and has been busy this afternoon doing his "homework" which is a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.  Jeremy just happened to have 3 friends invite him to lunch for the the three days I was gone.  Coincidence - I think not!  Especially as he has been having a tougher time lately with fatigue, he just can't seem to get on top of it.  And when you feel tired, everything just feels harder.