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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Days go slow, Week goes fast

Dear Friends and Family,

Kids and I are enjoying a long weekend although it has flown by. Friday was a teacher training day so school was out. Thanks to Jeremy taking Taylor to work with him and a friend taking Robyn, Spencer, Allison and I were able to enjoy a day of skiing. Although it was slushy and rainy at our house, at Sundance it was just slightly overcast. We had a rough first hour which culminated with me having a snowboard size bruise on my back and me chewing Spencer out on the slope much to the entertainment of the lift overhead. Then we had a wonderful 3 hours of doing the bunny slopes over and over. Kids ski/board totally different than I would have predicted. Allison luckily was wearing a bright orange helmet so I could track her progress as she would speed down the slopes. Luckily she proved to me that she could turn and stop so I wasn't too worried about her. Spencer just goes down super cautiously - never falls. But we had a great time.

Saturday Allison and Jeremy went to a photography event to be models in a crowd of people. Allison enjoyed the solo daddy time and the doughnuts. She also won a rock climbing gift card which she cheerfully contributed to Spencer's birthday party with the understanding that she would get to do something she liked as payment. Rest of us went to cheer on Spencer's basketball game and then we swapped kids. Jeremy and kids took the girls to a Fancy Nancy book party at the library. Robyn was in heaven and Allison was "I'm too big for this, but its very cute" tolerant. I drove up to Ogden to meet uncles and aunts at my grandma's house. Mom, I have a closet of books and other stuff for you. The genealogy and old paraphernalia are at Gary's house and he is planning a sorting party with everyone this summer after you get home. I also have the desk for you, the book stand and a small pie crust style table. Gary, Karol and Sharon kept pointing out things they thought I should take. One find though was an old style little kid school desk and chair. Its pretty beat up but some spray paint should make it work for Robyn's room. Now I just need to figure out how to paint it...

I spent the week painting Spencer's room. Its still not done - the magnetic and whiteboard paint are horrible to paint with, just like water consistency, drips galore. He is quite proud of how its turning out. I think half of it is having everything cleaned up and organized. I also was able to go to lunch with two of my old friends and neighbors, Brenda and Angie, for my birthday. It was so neat to catch up and our three little girls had a great time finger painting the windows of Zuppas with leftover soup. (I don't think the management cared for that too much!)

I realized that I haven't written much about Taylor lately. His feet are almost all the way healed up. I took him in this week to have his daffos adjusted and cut back to help prevent future sores. Although now his school thinks he needs daffos with hinges - see how that goes. His school has been using a food grinder to turn all his food into casserole consistency. They think his seizures have gone way down during lunch time because of this. Not sure if that is true but I am trying to be better about mashing up his food. I have been really impressed at how well his school works with him and tries to challenge him to do things. It seems that he does more for them than for me so I need to go be a fly on the wall to see how they are doing things.

Rest of our lives were a paraphernalia of daily life. Taking dinner to an old friend and visiting with her and her new baby. Kids having an after school reading party. Spencer going on a scout field trip to the BYU paleontology lab. Jeremy still working to make his job work and trying not to stress. Running kids around to dance and piano etc. Makes the week fly by sometimes.

Love to everyone, Heather

We have Stake Conference this afternoon so for a change Jeremy got to enjoy our ritual of sleeping in and having chocolate chip waffles.

At the Fancy Nancy party at the library:

Video of Allison Skiing:

Video of Spencer Boarding:


The Skeehan Family said...

want me to bring our paint sprayer when we come? seriously! You could just bring it with you when you come for spring break!! :)

what a fun week you've had - and so great you got to do a little skiing with the kids - even with a bruise to show for it :(

Glad Taylor is doing better.

And tell Jeremy his pictures are just beautiful - you even make early morning with sleepy kids look picturesque!