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Sunday, March 19, 2017

We now have an(other) 18 year old!

We now have an 18 year old! Hard to believe he is so old With him going to friends houses to watch them open mission calls and planning out college classes and arranging prop - it all feels a little surreal. We had his birthday dinner a day early - steak, fruit salad and chocolate milk with ice cream cake - as Wednesday night was our mutual night. Luckily his very kind "mission presidents" stuck a candle in his cannoli for him. This weekend he had a combination Christmas/birthday present with going out for sushi with Jeremy and then going to a Panic at the Disco concert at night. He had a great time. He jammed his knee which we learned by loud screaming one morning when he couldn't stand up or walk. Luckily we have a knee expert in our house and a few hours later things shifted and he could bend his leg again. But it did mean a few days of no exercise for him which made us all really appreciate him going to cross fit on a regular basis.

Jeremy had his company's Big Outdoor Expo last weekend.  Lots of work leading up to it with design and advertising.  Allison worked both days for him taking tickets and Spencer worked all day Saturday before leaving to work at Chubby's (I figured out he worked 15 hours straight that day - it was awesome).  Robyn, Taylor and I just got to go enjoy all the booths.   In fact Robyn liked it so much she had me take her and her friend back again in the afternoon.

The girls had their piano recital.  Both were disappointed on how they did but I thought they did wonderfully.  Allison had a piano festival she competed in as well.  Allison is starting to do some really tough pieces which makes for lots of practicing.  Allison also had her big choir concert and she and Robyn have started the busy season for their play.  So they are staying busy and music is filling our house.

Robyn had battle of the books at school this week where she competed with teams to decide who knew the most trivia for the books their grade has read this year.  We have gone in the span of 2 weeks from Robyn reading books by the fireplace with hot chocolate and dunkers:

to her having a group of friends over for a spring is here party of painting pots, planting flowers and making muddy buddies.

Odds and ends of the weeks are Taylor breaking his Daffos and the visits needed to fix them, Jeremy's studio being sold so looking for a place to move to and Jeremy having some photo gigs.

Biggest news was that I got a job for next year.  I have interviewed at a couple of schools and all of them I could see working at.  But the one school I really, really wanted offered me a job at a local Jr High and I accepted.  I knew since it was mentioned as a possibility in January that that school just felt and sounded right.  So that is what I have been praying and hoping for.  Lots of really nice people and some little miracles and it all came together for me.  Big stress of my shoulders.  I have two more weeks to finish up all my school work and get it sent in for review, one more graded observation and then I just get to enjoy teaching for a few more weeks.  So close.