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Sunday, March 5, 2017

If this is it...then I will be happy

I notice that my posts are getting fewer and fewer.  Mostly because the days seem to just blur together.  I was talking to a neighbor and she was saying that life for her is work, kids, church and sleep but if that's all her daily life consists of for the rest of her life she would be content.  It was a good reminder for me to remember how blessed I am and to enjoy this new routine of our life.  It doesn't make for very exciting blog entries but it makes for a happy life.

School is going well.  The teaching part is just a lot of fun.  I even enjoy the prep part, I just never have enough time it seems like.  Most of my week nights and weekends are spent preparing lessons and doing assignments.  I got to go up to Logan last weekend with a fellow cohort member who lives in Payson.  We drove up Sunday night and stayed in the hotel on campus because we had a class at 9 am and were worried about snow.  So we were all dressed and headed to breakfast at 8 am when we got the call that because the canyon was closed to all but 4 wheel drives with chains they had cancelled the day.  So we spent the morning meeting with our professor, waiting for the canyon to clear and then came home.  I beat kids home from school which made us all happy.  Right now I am in the middle of applying to schools to teach and I am really appreciating the efforts of many friends to help me get a good position at a near by school.

We have had a few fun things these last weeks.  I took Spencer, Allison and Robyn one night to see Peter and the Starcatchers at Hale Theater.  Allison loved those books as a child but I had never read them so didn't know what to expect.  It was an awesome play and very different than those we had seen before.

One Saturday Robyn, her friend Jill and I took Jasper up to the Humane Society to get his shots and worm medication as well as pet all the animals there.  I wish it were closer because our kids would live there on weekends if possible, especially Robyn.  Robyn has been enjoying doing Student Council at school as they help organize the Battle of the Books.  They finished reading a book about a book scavenger hunt so she quickly printed out scavenger hunt instruction and had to run to a park to hide it.  She has been enjoying her drawing class every week especially learning how to use pastels.

Saturday night with Spencer at work the rest of us got to go enjoy a Vocal Point concert while Jeremy took photos.  Their version of Nearer My God to Thee just brings me to tears every time.  Throw in some milk shakes and fries on the way home and Dad's night out was a huge success with the girls. 

Allison has been busy practicing for her piano recital and festival this coming weekend, doing choir, practicing for the play and doing tons of homework.  She and Jeremy both caught a cold which left Jeremy sniffling and coughing for two weeks but made Allison pretty wimpy and miserable for a few days.  Luckily she has a friend who is willing to spend a weekend watching a princess movie marathon with her.  I did get to go with her and the YW to watch a BYU volleyball game along with Spencer and Jeremy.  Robyn, our anti-volleyball member of the family babysat Taylor for us instead.

On President's Day the kids and I headed up to SLC to see the new Family History museum.  Unfortunately it was closed so Allison and Kaori hit up the mall and the rest of us did a tour of the conference center.  Spencer is still a little bitter about it.

Jeremy and I were able to go one night to the Police recognition dinner.  It amazes me how much the police in our community do in return for so little.  He has enjoyed being a part of the Honorary Colonels and getting involved in the community.