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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween Week

For Halloween Taylor was Waldo.  He was not happy about the glasses, I think he wondered why he had to wear glasses again as he used to hate having them on.  So the glasses lasted for maybe 5 minutes.

Spencer carved his pumpkin in sculpture class but the girls and I did ours at home.  Allison and Robyn tried giving their pumpkins a crayon hair do.  Which later involved scraping much crayon wax off of our floor and counter but they looked very cool.

I got to go to Robyn's halloween parade.  Story of a mom's life, wait and watch a bunch of little kids go by so you can have your five seconds of you kid smiling at you that you made it!  So worth it!  It was fun to see how imaginative some people are.  I got to spend the afternoon going to Halloween class parties for my practicum.  We cooked up bones, brains and blood for dinner.  Jeremy set up an outdoor screen and showed short Halloween movies to kids.  Spencer went to do CrossFit in a Ranger's Apprentice costume - wish I had a picture of that.  Allison went with friends to "help" a friend's little sister go trick or treating and ended up at our house with their pity candy, eating popcorn and watching movies.  Robyn for the first time went with a group of kids trick or treating by herself (although Luke's 15 year old sister ran point which made me feel much better).  So Jeremy and I got to hang out, pass out toys and visit.  It was awesome.

This week got just a little bit busier than usual.  Robyn went to a leadership conference with student council at BYU for a day.  She loved it and has a big book of quotes from taking notes all day.  Robyn also had a school musical program Friday night that was super cheesy but she was beaming and laughing away sitting with her class.  (To get to said program, involved Jeremy taking her over early.  Me driving Allison and 6 friends plus Taylor down to BYU to attend a BYU men's choir concert then rushing back, parking 2 blocks away and running in to stand in the back with Taylor the whole time.  That is how it has gone this week.  To attend one of Allison's choir performances Jeremy was there filming and I ran in just in time to watch her sing and then literally ran to my car to get to class.)

Allison had 3 choir concerts plus some friend stuff.  She really has a great group of friends.

Spencer had a Utah State open house down in Provo on Tuesday.  He is all registered for school now, got his scholarship, dorm room reserved and just has to sign and send in his acceptance letter.  He is fasting about it today to make sure that is really what he wants to do.  What will I do without my movie buddy around?  Saturday morning we went to see Dr. Strange which Spencer has been looking forward to for awhile.

Saturday afternoon I got to take Taylor, Robyn and her two friend Nylie and Luke to a pumpkin patch style farm.  It was a great afternoon to hang out.  (Robyn has spent the morning at a school educational program called Bright Ideas.  She did not think school on a Saturday was a good idea but Hee Haws plus a lunch at Wendy's with Jeremy seemed to make everything better.)

There was a kitten who adopted Taylor for the afternoon.

So trying to fit in time with each kid plus activities and school just keeps us busy and out of trouble.  It also makes me really look forward to 6 weeks from now when classes are over and I student teach!  Jeremy made arrangements with the company of his shake to work on muscle building and weight maintenance and write blog entries for them.  So gives him increased motivation to keep up the good work.