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Sunday, November 6, 2016


We have been taking advantage of this fall to get out into the beautiful canyons around us.  Which means that Jeremy has had several family shoots lately.  On one outing he took a couple candids of our kids and their cousins which I loved.

I told Jeremy we need to figure out to get a good picture of Taylor!  Here is his last couple of weeks:

Going to his school Halloween carnival:

 Going to his sisters' piano recital.  He looked up when they played their songs (plus for a few others that he liked)

And going to Gardner Village for witch fest with Allison, her friend Kaori and me:

 He never looks exactly thrilled to be there!  But he sure smiles when he gets tucked into his beanbag or bed after going out somewhere.  I am not sure if he enjoys the outings or is just relieved to be back home snuggling.  On the other hand Allison and her friend seemed to enjoy all the witches:

Robyn has been enjoying being on student council and doing the announcements at school and helping deliver birthday treats.  She has been busy learning all the states and their capitols.  She has been practicing to try out for the archery team again.  Spencer has been busy getting college applications ready, homework plus doing rec volleyball.

Jeremy has still be rocking the exercising, eating little, spin classes and even went to Hot Yoga with Kelly Hall and me at 5:30 one Friday morning.  He liked it so much he went back one more time when I couldn't!  I do like the class even if you are surrounded by a lot of super, sweaty people.

For Fall Break we put Taylor into respite and went to Bryce Canyon along with Jason and his family.  They recently bought a new trailer and this was their inaugural family trip.  Bryce Canyon was beautiful!  It was 25 degrees in the morning and 68 in the afternoon!  Our battery had some problems right after we got there which since Jeremy just got the heater repaired caused some teeth gnashing.  But our friend's parents who live down there and run the inn, found out and brought us over a space heater to plug in.  Because it was super cold at night!  We hiked a bunch including this long slot canyon called Wall Street, and explored the whole park.  We took bikes up to the top of the bike trail in the park and coasted down which was awesome.  Robyn and Kayla bit it as they learned not to slam their brakes on during a turn and Robyn's road rash was quite painful looking but she hopped back on afterwards and was grateful she had pants on.  Jeremy, Spencer and Garion did it again a second time without girls making them go slow which was a testosterone highlight for Spencer.  We went out for pie one night which was delicious and one night we stayed up late talking and roasting marshmallows.  Sunday we checked out Tropic's sacrament meeting and then explored Kodachrome Basin before heading back.  Bryce is now on the top of my list of places to visit again.  We all had just a great time.