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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Taylor

Hard to believe that Taylor turned 19 this week.  We postponed his annual BBQ till next week because of unending rain but I did decide Taylor really, really wanted some chocolate cake on his birthday!  And leftover cake for Mother's Day is always a good thing.  It seems so long ago that we were taking him to the ER on Mother's Day and watching him be rushed away with the trauma team.  That was a very long week in the ICU.  And now I have mixed feelings - look how far he has come and look how far away he is from where we thought he would be at 19.  But he had a great birthday full of chocolate milk, baths, cuddles, fires and his digestive system problems even resolved themselves.

This week I got to go with our YW to the Payson temple open house.  It has to be the most beautiful temple I have ever seen.  And Allison always impresses me with the choices she is making.  She has had to make a tough choice lately at school - whether to do what she knew she should or whether to go with her friends.  She is having courage and choosing to be kind - she has the moto from Cinderella written on her mirror.

This week I got to leave work early one day to attend Robyn's author day.  She got to show off the book she wrote and show off all her work.  Today she announced that she was off to teach her dolls bowstaff lessons:

and now they have moved onto sorcery lessons inside.  She finished reading Sisters Grimm and has started the Harry Potter series.

This week was sign up for our city swim team.  We were unable to get Robyn in due to some snaufus.  Lots of tears on her part.  She is going to try a neighboring city's swim team try outs this week and see what she thinks.

Jeremy has been continuing with his citizen police academy this week.  He had one night where he got to be tasered - he has always been curious and see the K-9 unit.  Another night he was able to do a ride along and then he got to spend Saturday morning learning about use of force.  He has been enjoying it and learning a lot.

Saturday morning my friends and I created a new Mother's Day tradition.  We ran down Provo Canyon from South Fork and ended at Kneaders with their free french toast for mother's.  It was awesome and the torrential rains waited till we finished.  Mother's day has been great.  Kids and Jeremy work me up with breakfast and presents and have done all the work today.  My mother's day flowers are sitting in the garage as it we couldn't plant anything Saturday due to rain.  So tomorrow I am planning on a marathon planting session.

This week a few new changes came up.  I finally got together with Utah State, went through their admissions and am starting their special ed severe program tomorrow.  It all happened very fast but their semester started this week.  This is the first year they are doing this program at a distance instead of just on campus.  They actually started January 1 so I get to do double classes for a semester to catch up.  If all goes well I will take 6 credits every semester, student teach in 2017 and then graduate in December 2017 with a second bachelors in severe special ed.  I am hoping that I am not too over confident but everything has fallen into place and this seems the right direction to go.  I will do classes online and then on Monday and Wednesday nights.  This semester it will only be on Wednesday nights.  Kids are excited to watch me doing homework.

We celebrated May the 4th this week with cake and Star Wars.  The benefit of not doing TV on school nights is that when we do a movie on a school night our kids are highly motivated to get their jobs and homework done so they can participate.

Spencer turned in his first job application this week to the library. He has his AP tests this week and then he is going to tackle some more.  I am so excited to have him working this summer!  A busy Spencer makes for a happy household.