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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Count down to end of school

For FHE this week I had a bad mom moment when I asked Jeremy to take the kids for ice cream for FHE treat while I stayed home with Taylor and eat cheesecake while sitting by myself in peaceful quiet.  Glad Jeremy understands these moments and our kids are none the wiser...I think.

This week Spencer had his last volleyball game with the end of the year tournament.  They lost in the first match with just a bunch of nerves and mistakes.  But they have come a long way in their abilities and had a great time.  Girls sat up high in the bleacher with their packed dinners and periodically looked up for a cheer.  We are working on what it means to cheer each other on.  But at the end they both came down to tell Spencer what a great job he did.  Spencer also had his end of the year guitar recital.  He was with several girls who performed tear jerky sentimental songs.  Then Spencer belted out Wonderwall.  The guy in front of us had his head nodding along.  Now Spencer just has to get through 2 AP tests and all the end of the year projects.  We are in count down mode.  Spencer started back up to cross fit on Friday.  He is driving there with me in the passenger seat trying really really hard to keep my breathing under control.  I don't think he understands at all how stressful driving with him is!

I am loving all these end of the year things as life starts to calm down as we slowly get rid of things that filled up our schedule.  This week I got to play hookey on Thursday thanks to an awesome husband who took care of everything and go to the BYU women's conference with my friends Brenda and Jenn.  I even got to spend time in between classes catching up with my college room mate Emily.  It was wonderful to be filled with ideas and inspiration on what I can do and improve on.  Plus I got a BYU brownie and came home to fed and going to sleep kids - doesn't get much better.

On Saturday we got to go my niece Bryn's baptism and afterwards our three kids stayed for Bryn's birthday party and a sleepover.  They came back tonight happy and tired out.  Our respite worker cancelled on us so I got to take Taylor to do all the shopping and errands while Jeremy did a photography job.  It reminds me how much I dislike taking Taylor in and out of stores, especially Costco.  I can do it but I prefer not to.  I usually take it for granted that Spencer or Allison can help out with Taylor so I don't have to.  It had been a long Saturday for Jeremy and me as I also had gotten to take the beehives to the temple early in the morning plus all the other usual jobs that needed to be done.  So our date was eating dinner outside and then laying on our couch with a movie.  Taylor was happy to join us.

Whenever the sun is out I have been sneaking in some yard work.  Bathrooms might be dirty but my tomatoes are planted!

Taylor has not had the best week.  Although he did plan a big blow out when I was gone Thursday and Jeremy was on diaper duty which was super thoughtful.  I think its still tied to his digestion issues.  His seizures have increased and he just hasn't been as happy as usual.

Allison and Robyn had their cast party this week.  They came home sad to say good-bye and on a sugar high.  Robyn got the award for best backstage cheerleader for cheering everyone on and Allison got the award for most improved dancer.  She has loved her dance classes and has signed up to take some during the summer.