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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I think Jeremy was cringing at my poor lighting choice for this photo!
Nothing is better than having family in town!  This week my parents arrived for a long weekend with us.  I felt bad ditching them Friday as I left for work but they fixed up some broken doors in our house, made rolls and brought Robyn lunch at school.  Everything seems easier and happier when they are around.  Kids talked to them non-stop and showed them all their projects.  We cheered on Spencer at his volleyball game, went to get enormous shakes at JCW's, watched Meet the Mormons, went out to dinner at Wild Zucchini my new favorite place and went miniature golfing.  They even brought us back cheesecake from their Drechsel reunion at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was a great weekend and much too short.

Robyn for activity days Thursday night learned to crochet on a loom.  My mom helped her make a skirt for her doll and my dad provided the entertainment while she worked:

For Young Women's this week we cancelled our regular activity Thursday night so we could go up early Sunday morning to watch Music and the Spoken Word in the tabernacle with doughnuts in the parking lot after.  And my mom got to go with us!  To top it off Allison gave a talk today and my parents got to be in the front row watching her.

With the cold snap we have had plenty of fires and hot chocolate at our house lately.  Throw in the periodic friends dropping by and its a recipe for happiness.

Jeremy has had some different photo shoot and meet-ups lately.  One of them was taking pictures for the girls' acting group.

Last week Allison had her evening of excellence for YW.  She was a trooper as we also that day had dentist appointments that turned into a bit of a marathon.  So she was a bit late and sniffling tears by the time we showed up.  Besides which she had just learned she needed to wear her retainer full time again.  (Robyn learned she was getting a permanent retainer put in, teeth pulled and a frenectomy - she also was sniffling quite hard).  Jeremy good guy that he is, took over all the food on time for the event for me and ate dinner solo waiting for us to show up!

So life is good, hours sometimes creep by but the days and weeks are gone faster than my to-do list can be completed.  Taylor is super happy and healthy lately which means he is walking around with a big smile on his face.  Spencer is either comotose, eating or working on homework.  Allison is either giving hugs or rolling her eyes.  Robyn is either convinced her life is ruined because her friend moved or having a great time with a new friend.  Luckily they usually tag team the ups and downs so not everyone is down at the same time!  And usually the rest of us can laugh about it.