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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween and daylight savings time - all in one weekend.  Cannot be beat.  I even got to wear a costume to work!  It even worked so I could leave work early and catch Robyn in her Halloween parade.  At night, our kids all split up this year.  I made our guts, blood and bones but it was all eaten in shifts.  Robyn went with a group of friends and some patient moms and I was able to join her for the last hour and a half!  That girl has some serious endurance.  And then they all went to the Ropers to crash and wash old Disney spooky movies and eat candy.

Allison's friend put on a big Halloween party that she went to for a few hours and then she met some school friends to trick or treat.  A daughter without a phone out on Halloween night really teaches you to pray hard.  She had a great time running around and then crashing with a spooky movie at our place.

Spencer and a few friends decided they needed some candy for their movie watching plans so they toured the neighborhood.  We really do have a great neighborhood for tick or treating.  Some houses have fire pits, hot chocolate and doughnuts, cotton candy machine, a movie playing in a garage, a dance party in another garage and kids running around everywhere.  It is just a fun party.  Spencer and crew stocked up for a while enjoying the party and then returned to play video games and watch movies and of course eat as much candy as possible.

Jeremy set up a photo booth in our driveway.  This year to make things easier he bought a backdrop.  We have learned our lesson - its not as good.  But we got some awesome photos of our kids.

Jeremy and Robyn even had a spooky Thursday night at a daddy/daughter Halloween party.

Monday night was Taylor's school Halloween carnival.  The girls, Taylor and I went over for a little bit to check it out.  When we walked through the doors, Taylor tucked his head into his shoulder and wouldn't respond to anyone.  As soon as we left he perked right up and was clapping and happy.  I guess he didn't appreciate going back to school after a long school day!  Taylor won the best costume at school for being a pirate.  Unfortunately any time I had a camera he was not in a picture mood.

Thursday was my first YW activity.  It was a Halloween carnival in a neighbor's backyard.  They made scones, carved pumpkins and had a hot chocolate bar.  It was fun to start to get to know the girls and the leaders.  Feel like a fish out of water in some ways but I am sure that will pass soon.

Talking about the rest of the week sounds pretty tame.  Our neighbor died last week so this week we had his funeral.  It was amazing to hear about his life and all that he accomplished.    It will seem strange not to see him sitting behind us in church and hearing his quiet jokes.

Jeremy had a photo week.  He would wait till kids were going to bed and then go work in the studio - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today - plus Thursday he too photos at the activity days event and Friday he did photos for Halloween!

Spencer had a volleyball game today.  I sort of watched as I ran laps.  Only way to fit it both in.  He is trying to cheer his team mates on which makes me more proud and happy than any serve or spike!  He met with the city officials this week to sign off on his eagle project and now its on to the next set of signatures.

Robyn did a lip synch for her center stage group.  It was MC Hammer's 'Can't touch this' - it cracked me up all week long.  Right now its only posted to facebook so I will have to see if I can get it here too. 

Today we got to enjoy a friend's baptism and birthday.  So overall it has been a great, busy week full of treats and friends.  And I am so looking forward to an extra hour of sleep!