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Sunday, May 4, 2014

20 Years

20 Years ago these five wonderful women and I went our separate ways.  This week at woman's conference we had a reunion at Brick Oven the place where we would go to splurge when we were room mates.  We have seen each other periodically over the years but have lost contact in many ways.  It was so fun to see each other and catch-up on what everyone has been doing and re-connect.  You know its a true friendship when 20 years later, it feels like we just pick up where we left off.  Most of my best memories of BYU stem from these wonderful people I was blessed to live with and play with.

So this week was BYU woman's conference which mean my family had to fend for themselves for two days.  That meant Jeremy dealt with trying to work and have a photo shoot plus having a sick Robyn, Spencer setting off for a back-packing trip, Allison going to a birthday party, Robyn missing her car pool and all the other joys of kid life around here.  Everyone survived with smiles and I got to spend a few days filling my bucket.  I hung out with my friends Brenda (and her family), Shinobu and my old room-mate Emily.  I even had the surprise of seeing some of Jeremy's work:

It was a great time that left my mind feeling like I had a thousand new good ideas but needed some quiet time to just decide what I truly needed to focus on right now.

Speaking of Jeremy's work, Allison had the surprise this week of seeing her picture in the Ensign.  She thought it was very cool.

Saturday was a day of work as warm weather hit and we need to get our yard in shape.  Jeremy got rid of the starlings nest in our dryer vents by somehow managing to install a guard over the vent.  They are persistent little buggers who will not give up trying to make our vent into a home, especially early, early in the morning.

Kids found a garter snake while working on cleaning up the yard.  Girls alternated by being scared, disgusted and intrigued.

I now have a farmers tan, Jeremy has our waterfall working and trees staked and this week the work continues.  I love this time of year as we get our yard up and going again.  Girls were even willing to pitch in and help as ice cream and Granite Flats was promised as the evening's entertainment for all hard workers.

Spencer went backpacking Friday night about which he alternated between being very excited and being anxious about.  He had a great time tromping all over the mountains, getting lost with a group, saying a prayer and finding the group again and enjoying being with his teachers quorum.  Only bad part is that he was having such a good time, he didn't take his meds.  Which meant that Saturday morning he had to take them and then had to take a 6 hour nap to recover followed by a grumpy evening till he could go back to bed again.  Next time he is going to put notes and alarms all over his back-pack equipment as loosing a Saturday to being drugged up is miserable for everyone involved.

Taylor is a bit off right now, not sure why.  We got his court date this week for his guardianship hearing.  May 23rd at 2 p.m.  So knock on wood he stays healthy between the 9th and the 23rd as we won't have any legal authority to make medical decisions for him.  I am sure hospitals and insurance would figure some way to work things out if needed but it would still be a pain.

This week Jeremy had three photo shoots, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  This gave me the opportunity to go watch Spencer's volleyball game, calling in some favors to take care of the girls activities.  For the first time they won both matches which means they move on to the tournament this week.  Their team versus the A team is a night and day difference.  But when you see how far Spencer's team has come it is truly impressive.  They are actually playing the game now.  He credits their double win to the fact that a super nice mom bought all the team tacos to eat during the break. 

Today has been a day to relax and bake a chocolate cake.  Allison has been experimenting on how to paint designs on nails and Robyn is her drafted volunteer

I really enjoy Sunday afternoons when we all get to just hang out.  Jeremy gets drafted into playing go fish:

This week I am hoping to get rid of weeds and chicken poop crusted side-walks in our back yard.  Saturday we are doing our annual birthday party for Taylor and that always gives me great motivation to get everything cleaned up.