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Sunday, May 11, 2014

18 years

This week our oldest son turned 18!  Hard to believe that it has been that long.  I was thinking about how if he was a normal kid we would be doing mission calls, college acceptances and prom right now.  Instead we are getting notices of our court date to get guardianship.  Since I do not feel ready to send a child off and enter that stage of life I am grateful that right now I don't have to.  I just get to keep enjoying Taylor here at home.

With Taylor's birthday we had our annual birthday BBQ here.  So I spent the week pulling weeds and working on the yard.  I even had a wonderful friend show up with wheelbarrow and working gloves ready to go and spent the morning spreading mulch for me.  True friendship right there.  And then Utah spring weather struck and we had a cold windy evening and everyone ended up huddling inside and enjoying being smooshed together.  Maybe next year we will wait an extra week or two for hi party.  It was wonderful to visit with friends, eat a cupcake and just enjoy being together.  And of course I forgot to take a single picture.

Spencer had a mock wedding at school this week and he was the wedding cake person.  So he spent an evening making an ice cream chocolate cake.  There were no leftovers.

This week Spencer had his last volleyball games in the tournament play-offs.  He was convinced taco Tuesday the week before was the secret ingredient to their win so we had tacos for dinner.  Unfortunately he lost his first game (Jeremy was biting his tongue to keep from talking to the ref) but they came back to win the second game which put them in third place.  He has come a long way...and has a long way to go in his ability to play.  But it was a great experience for him and one he wants to do again next year.

On Saturday morning Allison had a stake YW walk.  They went on an 8 mile walk to the temple over the course of the morning with stations along the way.  Jeremy was there snapping photos for the Stake and doing some aerial photos to make it fun.  It was a great event.

So far today it seems like our streak of bad Mother's Days might be broken.  My girls got up early to bring me a delicious breakfast in bed with flowers and little presents.  No one is sick or hurt and everyone is reasonably happy.  I am grateful for the privilege of being a mom and even more grateful for a mom who showed me how to be a mom and taught me to treasure the opportunity.