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Sunday, March 23, 2014


It is beginning to look like spring around here.  Today the kids and I went for a walk which started off as a Robyn whining fest but thanks to Allison's efforts to cheer her up turned into a beautiful afternoon.  Spencer was just thrilled at how fast his long board could go on the hills.  With all the green coming up we mowed our lawn and have been pulling all these weeds I put off in the fall.  There is something about sunshine and things starting to grow that just fills me with happiness and optimism.  Everyone seems happier when they can run around outside.  That isn't saying its warm.  I weeded in a coat on Saturday but I was too happy to be outside to care.

For St. Patrick's Day I actually thought ahead a little bit.  Kids were amazed that I would buy Lucky Charms and eagerly pulled out all the sugar marshmallows.  They had a green lunch although I couldn't tell if Allison was impressed or disgusted that I found spinach tortillas to make wraps with.  After eating a quick Reuben sandwich that night (kids have vetoed corn beef and cabbage) we went to see the school play Oklahoma.  My kids had watched the original musical with me and we were all impressed how they turned it into a play for kids.  There was an actress who played Gerdy who had an obnoxious loud laugh.  We were busting up watching Taylor because everyone time he would lift his head up and grin as if to say, 'what the heck was that?'.

Spencer is still doing volleyball and thanks to a very patient Jeremy drilling him over and over he can now serve the ball over the net!  I cannot stress enough the patience and endurance Jeremy shows but it has made a big difference with Spencer.

The rest of the week was a blur of the daily life with kids.  I spent one evening up in Salt Lake learning all the ins and outs of getting guardianship of Taylor.  The steps involved are a little ridiculous but at least now I know what I am doing.  Jeremy had some photo things as always that he loves and enjoys to fit in when he can.  Allison has been busy with increased practicing for her play.  This week she went to do baptisms for the dead with a 4:30 AM!  I was getting ready to leave at 5:45 and she walked back in the door and went back to bed.  She says at that time there is no wait but by 4:55 there is a big line.  It amazes me what kids are capable of doing.  My friend taught me how to make really good pizza crust this week so Friday kids helped me with our first attempt.  Not there yet but we are definitely on the right path.  Lots of just odds and ends of life that keep us busy and happy.  My runs are starting to get longer.  This week it was 15 miles.  It was not pretty, or fast or even all running but thanks to two friends I finished.  And now I will figure out how to drink while running because that was too long to go without.