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Sunday, December 16, 2012

You can't be's Christmas!

Well one of the biggest events this week is that God decided I need to relax a little bit.  Friday morning while running with my friend Brenda, we took a new route.  I stepped off the road to get out of the way of a car not realizing there was a bit of a drop.  So I bit it hard.  Bruised up a lot and with a badly sprained ankle and fingers.  Luckily I wasn't by myself so Brenda went to get her car while I hobbled home.  Came home late trying not to cry with kids worried that I was hurt.  My favorite comment was, "You can't be's Christmas!".  Friday I spent on crutches, the couch and lots of ibuprofen and ice.  Saturday I went in to the doctor because I was worried about one of my fingers that had turned gray and couldn't move anymore.  But everything is just badly sprained.  So I am on some heavy anti-inflamatories, my ankle looks better no longer like a grapefuit, more like a big orange and today I can bend my fingers again.  I am on crutches till the swelling subsides and a boot till I can walk again without it hurting.  Really no idea how long this will take.  Definitely a good time to remember that the world will not end if I spend a lot more time on the couch and that a dirty house is just fine.

Today Jeremy is 41.  Last night to celebrate we met up with Jason's family and took the older kids out for hamburgers at JCWs and to see The Hobbit.  Allison finished the book a week ago, to make sure she could go.  His birthday today is a little anti-climatic I am afraid.  He broke open his birthday present a few days early - a massage chair and has been using it steadily since.  Robyn was pointing out that our house now has 2 cripples in it - and she wasn't referring to Taylor.  Hope that ends soon for both of us.  Jeremy has been getting better I think over the last week as long as he doesn't move unexpectedly.  So today we are making navajo tacos now that Jeremy is done with meetings and doing some quality couch time.

Allison had her big December showcase Friday night for her theater group.  She did an awesome job.  She has learned how to act "big" and over dramatic to perform in front of people.  She has an audition workshop this week as she prepares to audition for Little Mermaid.

 Spencer this week went up with the deacons to Temple Square to see the Joseph Smith movie.  I am so grateful for leaders who teach our kids.  When someone helps me out I am grateful but when someone takes an interest in my kids and helps them become more of the person they can be, there are no words.

Snow finally caught up with us this week.  Monday my kids even had an un-official snow day when a truck ran into the transformer by their school.  Without power they had no light or heat so kids got to go home.  BUT they first served lunch so they can count it as a school day.  I had promised myself and kids that the first snow fall we would go sledding.  Everytime we wait the snow melts.  Monday is our busy day so we ended up going at night, in the dark and 20 degree temperatures.  Kids loved it, I thought they were nuts.  Luckily I had to keep running back to the car to sit with Taylor while I ran the heater and he chirped away.  So I could last as long as my kids could.

Rest of the week was filled with the regular day to day stuff that is so important although it often doesn't seem like it.  I have been wrapping presents and finishing up some holiday projects, read a book I loved called Edenbrooke that I highly recommend to any females, fixed a plugged up drain that was extremely nasty and all the other tasks that go into being a mom.  Taylor's teacher retired this week and it was cool to go to her retirement party and see all the lives she has touched.  We are starting to get Taylor's digestive system a little more regulated so he is starting to be happy again which is fun.  Allison found a little Santa Clause ornament that she calls Little Nickie. He hides around the house and leaves Robyn little notes.